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General WeMitt Thread - week commencing 14 May 2007


Hopeful for the future
Thanks Irene,

I didn't post anything in the WeMitt thread up to now as I was trying to get my head round the LL plan etc. Now almost 2 weeks finished and hoping for another good loss on Tuesday, I've been calculating how long I may have to stay 'foodless' and it's a daunting prospect, I find.
I was writing some SMART goals and when I reviewed the large loss I want to achieve it's looking like almost Christmas! That was a little depressing so I decided to break it down into smaller chunks:
1st goal = get under 100kg (weight I was when first came to London 13 yrs ago)
2nd goal = get under 86kg (weight I was after 4 months of Slimming world after coming to London)
Then review
That makes it more manageable and I could have attained the 1st goal by the end of June which is very encouraging. It's difficult sometimes to make some goals time sensed for example one of my goals is to learn to swim. So how can I put a date on that? I've tried many times to learn but my weight has made me reluctant to persevere and it took me many months to get over my fear of the water too.

I must have a look on here and see how some of you have kept your motivation going.

Well done to you all!!


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As we all have a lot to lose in the WeMitts we often concentrate on small or baby steps just as you have done. The whole picture is just too big and we can't see the end result. I began with over 10 st to lose and although I am nowhere near there yet I know with the help and support of my fellow WeMitts I will get there.

Good luck to you Trish on your journey and remember there is always someone here to support and encourage you whenever you shout help
Irene xx


Hopeful for the future
Great to hear it Irene and good luck to you. No doubt we'll meet in here from time to time. x

mrs tweedy

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Hi guys,

Just popping in to say hello and wish all the wemitts a fantastic week.

I have been ever so naughty lately on the diet oned day then off it the next!

*sigh* but as of this am I weigh 15 st :D

So a total of 15s 10lbs LOST woohoo!

Only 5 more stones to go :eek: pah, it is a horrible thought to think of all the time I have wasted (basically I havent really followed the diet more than 2 days running since Feb 16th, when Peter and I finished) :mad:

Oh well onwards and downwards eh guys?!

Have a really good wek ppl, we can do this!

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Hi everybody

Irene - You are so right about breaking down our goals into 'achievable' chunks. When I had 12st to lose, the thought of having to lose the weight of another person was way too daunting. It's essential that we keep our short term goals in our sights - at the moment, mine is to get back to where I was before Christmas because after that, I'm in new territory! Just 44lb and I'll be entering a whole new world.

Tishtosh - nice to meet you: looking forward to hearing about your journey. Wemitts stick together and we'll all be here for you every step of the way! :)

Mrs T - Great to hear from you! You are making such awesome progress in avery area of your life ... you are truly one of the most inspirational people I've ever met. You and I are now almost exactly the same weigh ... it'll be an honour to complete my journey alongside you :)

Have a great day wemitts!


finding my way again !
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hi all,
i wasn't around last wek as was in Egypt, but hope you all had a good week.
my holiday saw me gain 9.6lbs, but this morning 4lbs of that has gone (since sat) so am pleased with that. Had terrible tum over the weekend, that may have helped :eek: .
Today i get back aboard the SS waggon for the last shift.
whilst in Egypt i bought some herbs called ? Argel, sposed to aid weight loss if drunk as a tea twice a day, so going to give that a go too !


I STILL mean it!
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Hello everyone. Back from Italy well and truly RE-toxed, with alcolhol, pizza and ice cream, SO, back to 790 for me from today. It's a wonderfully re assuring thing about Cambridge, that if you do "go for it" and lose control, (as we all do somethimes) it is perfectly possible to repair the damage quickly.
What I found extremely useful on my weight loss journey, was to make a big graph by joining as many sheets of graph paper together as necessary. Then, up the side, number it so that each square represents 1 lb., and accross the bottom, mark it so that 1 square = 1 day. Next, draw a dotted line from where you are today, at a rate of 4 lbs. loss each week. You will then be able to see what weight you will be, on any given day, IF YOU STICK TO THE DIET. This worked really well for me, and for the first 7 nomths I was "under the dotted line", then I started including food, and the weight loss slowed down, but I still lost.
I know I booked my summer holiday in January, believing that I would have lost 10 stone by then - and I did. I bought clothes off e bay, imagining myself wearing them (9 sizes smaller than I was wearing) and I DID wear them.
Hang in there everyone, it is SO worth it.
A warm welcome to all new WeMitts, and a special hello to Russiandoll and Mrs Tweedy, who are just MARVELLOUS!!
Ann xxx
just restarted with lighterlife tonight got loads to lose (10 stone) it is great to read your letters and see the fantastic weightlosses I feel I may be able to do it this time. thankl you all I will update every day
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Glad our two jetsetting wemitts Ann & Cheryl had a great time on their hols. Welcome back girls!

Welcome to the wemitts kitty! Looking forward to sharing your weight loss journey with you. :)


I STILL mean it!
S: 21st9lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 8st13lb(41.25%)
I'm staying put for a while now Debbie, until August anyway. I wish we could get a bit of sunshine here - how's the weather on the south coast??
Ann x
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Hi Ann
The weather has been abysmal for the last week or so. Still, mustn't complain - we need the rainfall (and might as well get it over with!)

Steve has started his new job: we didn't realise it would entail him working away from home most of the time ... we both hate it already! Still, it pays the mortgage for now - but if something else comes along that means he doesn't have to stay away all week then he'll take it.

Glad to see you back :)


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Hi Ann,

Lovely to see you back and delighted you had a wonderful holiday.

You look fantastic in pink:)

Love Mini xxx
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Looking great Ann!!


Hopeful for the future
Great to meet you all

Hi fellow WeMITTs,
Lovely to see so much support around and so many hints and tips too. The stories of success are sooo inspirational and it will help along the way.
Ann do you have a 'before' photo, cos you look wonderful now - well done!
I've been busy the last couple of days so haven't posted much. Going for my second weigh in tonight and actually looking forward to it.
I look forward to chatting and getting to know you all over the coming months.
Trish :scale:


Hopeful for the future
Yes I do have before photos...
What an inspiration! You must be so proud of yourself! It's fabulous how well you've done, and how great you look now. It's hard to imagine an end point when you have as much to lose as I do, and I find the before and after photos spur me on.
I'm now in my third week and lost 4 lb this week and I'm looking forward to the day I write on here 101 down, 17 more to go.
Talk soon xx