Geri - I can 'talk the talk', now I'm gonna 'walk the walk!'


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nuff messing about from me, Day one of how many I don't know! Time to just get on with it now, and get this job that I started finished....

So from today Monday 18th September, I hereby declare that I will only have packs and no convential food! If it means having extra packs, then I will, but nothing else...

On your marks, get set, Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D
You and me both Geri! I am not doing CD, but I am in the mood to get on with it again. I have been messing about the last couple of weeks and today I am ready to crack on with it again. So good luck to both of us, WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs
Good luck Geri, you can do it girl!!! I'm back on track today after a bad weekend - wish i could have a duodenal switch!!

I say cancel all weekends!! lol
Ooooh thanks you lot :D

Just had my first shake of the day, a vanilla one made with ice in the blender and some of the lemon water flavouring, scrummy yummy try one if you havnt already, let me know what you think! :p

1 litre of water done, just another 3 to go!

Roch and barb, you can do it girlies - we all can, just got to stick to it!

Karen, what happened to you, did the kebab get you??

Last week, I found myself buying loads of sweets that were on offer, you know bogof. they were all in good dates, sometime next year. So I bought them with the intentions of ' ooh well I'll put them away and I'll have em when I've finished, or when I go away in October!' Well no prizes for guessing what happened to them, nuff to say they didn't even make it to the kitchen cup'd! :eek:
Pam, lovely to have you walking beside me girlie
Geri, nope it wasn't the kebab. As always it started with meat, then deteriorated into chocolate and crisps then i topped it off with pastie chips and curry and bbq sauce. Today i feel disgusting - you are what you eat after all!!
Yep Roch, we sure can :D love that lil bear picure by the way, and the betty boo one too - I want one! where did ya find that???

Lol Karen, I must be a Haribo liquiriche (sp?) thingy with the soft centre's - can't remember what they're called - bloody lovely tho! :D Of course not as lovely as being thinner will feel! :p
Good luck Geri and remember we're all right here with you xx
Good luck Geri .. you can do it!

You were such an inspiration to me when I first started, and so ready to offer help and advice.

Wish you every success in your re-start :)

Mandana x
OOooooh thanks girlies

Mandana, oh yes I remember your first early days, from when you were just thinking about starting, and decided to until you had had your birthday! Look at how well you did girlie :D

Just come back from taking Jack football training, tis great to be able to run after the ball when it goes of pitch - just the normal type of things, but does give me a buzz!:p
good luck geri x
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou everyone :D

Well day 2 today, up so early as had to go to the loo and then couldnt get back to sleep so thought I may as well get up and get ready for the day, can always go back to bed later on....

Scales saying 2lb down - although at one point depending where i put them, was a stone hahahaha scales are load of rubbish, one of the rubber things underneath came of, so they wern't balanced right, so I had the great idea to take the rest of, but didnt quite work out. gonna get some new ones when they come on offer again at Lloyds chemist, you know the ones that measure fat etc.... don't know why am so hung up on the bloomin scales, before I never got on them, mainly because they didnt go up as much as I weighed and had to try and figure out how much they had whizzed passed the 0 as they went all the way round and more! Then I got this digital set, which I find much bettter as you can't con yourself that the reading is just under the dial thingy! Mind you best thing to do, is not to weigh at all, if you're sticking to the plan, then you're gonna loose....

Anyways thanks again, have a good day peeps :D