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Geri - I can 'talk the talk', now I'm gonna 'walk the walk!'

ately I have been getting to maybe day 5,6,7 then blow it - not this time tho
Good on ya Geri. I know from previous diets that I've done this on many occassion. It was like a habit. Something I expected myself to do, so I gave myself permission....cos that's what I always did:confused:

Sounds daft really. It was almost as if I said "okay, this is when I start failing on the diet...so right....what can I eat" Weird.
Well done Geri, you're doing great! What an amazing journey you've had so far!! I loved the bit about running after the ball when it goes off pitch - it's the little things that make all the difference isn't it?



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Well done Geri/

Iam still walking the walk with you. We will get there!!

Re Scales
As from Thursday Lidl has Digital body fat monitor scales for £17.99 or ordinary digital scales for £5.99.

Dont know if you have a Lidl near you

Pam x
Hiya Mandana, thanks for thinking of me! I'm fine, finding myself back on day 1 tho :eek: Not worrying about it, but then again maybe that's my problem, not worrying about it if I fall off..... mind you spose it's better than feeling guilty, who knows :rolleyes: How are you doing yourself girlie?

Pam thanks for the info re scales, think I'll hang on for Llyods. there is a Lidal not too far, mind you if it's anything like 'Netto's' special offers, there always gone by the time you get there! glad to hear you're walking that walk, I am too from today :p

Well Trio, looks like I didnt blow it on day 5,6 or 7 - went for day 2 instead!! :D

Well, last night Daisy decided to give herself a haircut - oh my all her lovely wavy hair gone - well one side of it anyway! I had cut it during the summer hols, as she won't allow me to put a hair bobble in it, and it looked so scruffy, so I gave it a trim.... A while before I had cut it, the school had offered to cut it for me, but I decided to have a go myself! they have introduced a 'brushing hair' bit into her day, hoping she will eventually let them put one in.... so today she has gone of on the bus with a letter, taking them up on their offer to cut it! Reckon they'd do a better job of it than me... if the woman isn't in today who's a dab hand at haircutting, I may have to have a go myself tonight! BTW that was nothing to do with me having fallen of the wagon, or rather jumping, coz it was after I had eaten that that had happened, so not using that as an excuse!

Anyway, busy day today so won't be on here much, will catch up with you all later...

cheerio for now :)


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Oh dear, hope Daisy returns to you a little less lopsided!!!

My friend son was christened last year (age 8) He decided to spruce himself for the big day by giving himself a trim!! This was of course first thing on the Sunday morning, the day of the christening with about 80 relatives lining up to take his photo!!!!! Arrgh!!! Luckily she managed to find a friend with some clippers and creativity, managed to even it up (almost) though it had to be a number 1 all over, not quite the angelic look my fried was hoping for!!!!

Speaking of Daisy, do I remember correctly that she has autisum? I wonder if you can advise me, my 10 yr old son has always seemed 'different', one issue among many is that he struggles to rub along with others in social settings particularly school. Due to this we have been referred to a counsellor recently. I have had suspisions for years that he may have autistic tendencies and having voiced my thoughts to this C, she is keen for further investigations. What do you think? Not sure if there will be anything to gain for him if he is diagnosed as having Aspergers, and am concerned that being 'labelled' as such may make things harder for him.

If you don't wish to 'talk' about it that's fine but I just thought that you might be able to help.

P.S. Good luck getting through the day, stay on the wagon!
Hiya cheb, here's hoping she comes back with a good haircut! bit dissapointed coz I love her hair, apart from when she looks like a rag woman, ( her hair that is!)

Oh gawd can imagine your friends Son doing that - of all the days to choose lol

With regards to your son, having a 'label' as such, will open doors for him, coz he will get the help he needs. To be honest I don't know loads about aspergers, as daisy is at the very lower bit on the spectrum. Have you been in touch with the National autistic society - have a look on their website, am guessing the address here as being www.Nationalautisticsociety.co.uk or may be .com?

Trio/Karion will be a good one to talk to as her Son has aspergers.

Have you spoken to the Senco at your son's school? What did they say if you did?

Does your son ever say anything like does he feel different from the other children? Just wondering coz if it turns out that he does have aspergers, he may be releived to know that there is a name for how he is?

Let me know how you get on, and if you want to know anything just ask.

oooh another thing I've just remembered, if there is a, 'Parent Partnership' or Parents centre in your area, they'd be worth talking to, they will help with education issues etc and help you get a statement for your sons educational needs. If you are not happy with the school and you want your son to be statemented, remeber it is your right as a parent to request the local education authority to start the statementing process. the request does not have to come from the school. ( Not sure if you knew that or not).

Hope that helps somewhat.
take care

There's also an organisation called IPSEA have a look on their website Independant Special Education lol cant remember what the P and A stand for think the P is Panel not sure about the A tho!! :D
Well, day one nearly over, well not quite, but it's 6pm and doing ok :D

Must admit tho, that I put of having my first shake till 4.30, bought some meat to cook, thinking in the back of my head that I might have some, and if I just had some meat would be ok :eek: . well anyway I decided not to cook it, funny don't fancy eating raw meat! And cooked something else instead.

so one pack down, plus a bit of a tetra which i use to whiten my coffee, and not much water so doing ok, will get some water down me!

daisy came home with a new hair cut - was a bit shocked, it's very short, and is taking a bit of getting used to. I like my girls to hae long hair, they like it too! Jess said to me after daisy had come in, ' r u ok Mum, you look like you're gonna cry!' As hubby says it's a lot better than it was this morning and will just take some getting used to! she has a little book with pictures in of her having her haircut and the different stages! I love that school sooo much, so happy she's there. I'll get some flowers or chocs to send in for the girl who cut it, Daisy's hair has not had a proper cut in years - no kidding!

Anyway nuff from me
catch you later


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Hey Geri,well done for getting through day 1,leave the meat alone hun !!
Just come back from seeing Noah and he is really nice he says to say hi.
We talked about ll and i told him out Mm and he said he is going to check out this site.
Hope u have a good evening,take care xx
Ah roch,
Glad you got on ok, I told you he was a nice bloke :p

Did he show you his before and after pictures? they're brill - wouldnt take much to notice Heather's door - think it's famous lol

Sure he's a great counsellor, he's been there done that so knows what it's like. Plus he had the number one counsellor to learn from!

Be good if he signs on here and to be another fella on the site :D

Just cooking the lamb chops for becca, there were only 2 in the pack, didnt buy a pack with more in on purpose, in case I would eat them! ( cant say the same for the pork ones, but they are safe in the fridge!)

Not gonna break now at 7.00pm tho last night it was 8.30!

Later girlie :D

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Give Lloyd's a ring because I only got mine 11st September and they were still on offer at 15 quid despite what the website says ;)

BTW they ARE acurate. I weighed myself prior to my LL weigh in and prior to my doctors check up and they agreed down to the .2 of a lb :D
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Hello Geri,

Day 1 nearly completed-hang on in there!!
Hope you and Daisy get used to her new hair do!

Let's hope she hasn't set a precedent for future 'self trimming' of hair!!:eek:

Good luck for tomorrow-you know you can do this.:)


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