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Geri - I can 'talk the talk', now I'm gonna 'walk the walk!'

Ahh chicken
thanks for the info, I popped into a small branch and they didnt have any - may try a bigger one - if I decide to get them, could always get them and put them away lol

Roch, i hear what you're saying - I'll think about it - I know i do have a problem keep weighing, rewarding myself with food when it's a good loss and commiserating when it's not! will take your points on board!
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Ahh Jax,
didnt see your post before I sent the last one!

Getting used to Daisy's hair now - it was sooo lovely when she used to let me put it up, then did get scraggy looking - now it's just short! Plus the curls are gone - it wasnt curly curly but had a good wave to it!

am doing ok, gonna make a coffee with some banana tetra for milk.

How are you doing? Are you back on day one too? You're right we can do it, just got to stick to the plan! :D


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Hi Geri

Glad Daisy has her hair looking all neat and tidy agian even if it's not the style you'd choose for her, it'll grown again and be in better condition for having had a good cut.

Thank you for the info about autism, I will check the websites and support in my area. Just not sure if I want to head off on this path, only want to do what's best for son trouble is I'm not sure what is the best for him:confused:

Glad today has gone well for you dietwise, I'm hanging in on there too. Keep at it.


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Hi Cheb

I hope you dont mind me butting in about Aspergers but I had some experience of this with my son about 5 years ago.

A teacher at my sons high achool sked me to go and see her because she felt he may have been on the autistic spectrum

She advised me to see The paedeatrician (sp?) at our local hospital . So I got my doctor to refer us. My son then had three appointments all on one morning. He saw the Paedeatrician, a phsychologist and a speech therapist one after the othher. They then said that while he had some pointers he did not have enough to be classed as Aspergers.

It would be worth doing this for his sake because if you do get a diagnosis he will get so much more help.

Hope this helps



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S: 17st4lb C: 15st1lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 2st3lb(12.81%)
Hi Pam

Don't mind you joining in at all, hope Geri doesn't mind me waffling on her thread.

My DS copes well at school academically in fact he's among the brightest in his year but if he has to work with others it all goes to pot. Generally he loses his temper and becomes out of control sometimes resorting to violence but more often it's shouting. He's unable to 'let things go' and will not/cannot see another persons point of view. He has difficulty making friends and playtimes are very difficult as he is obviously not supervised so closely and often finds himself in the middle of trouble though he never goes looking for it! He's been described as a delightful articulate bright boy with loads of character for as long as I can remember but the tag line is always added....'He just has so much anger' At home things are not too bad although he and his sister argue all the time, he's fine if left alone to do his own thing or structured shared activities.

I'm just not certain what we would gain from a diagnosis, after all there is no cure. He will have to live in this world alongside others and I am concerned that he may be labelled and judged. He already feels different, am I right to confirm that he is, will that lower his self esteem further or help him to understand himself better?

Sorry to waffle but any help would be valued. Sorry again Geri to hi jack your thread, maybe I should start a Autism/Aspergers thread elsewhere.

Thanks for reading.
Morning roch,
lol you got a good memory bout the Pork!

How could I forget our chat! I need a stern talking to now and again :p

Have just made up some jellies, should tide me over for the next few days, don't use them much, but least I know they're there if I need 'em.

Well, the scales situation is that I have none now! Because they wernt balanced right as one of the rubber things had come of, I had taken 2 of them off, but there was one I couldn't get off. well last night I took a knife to it! Managed to get the last one out and it flew across the floor, but there was this other bit as well. which I have since come to realize it must have been an electronic bit -you know where you tap your foot on it to turn it on... well now it's completley broke! Gonna have a look in llyods later, if theres one I may get it if its on 'special' if not I won't bother!

hubby's birthday today, so popping out later to get him something, and tonight have a 'new year 7 Service' to go to. Plus theres cheese and wine after... Now the thing is I don't like cheese and I don't like wine, so will be ok. If it was a greek cake and snowball - that'd be a different matter! Now the thing is, when Jess had started at the school, I didnt go to this evening, because I was at my heaviest and was too embarrassed, so quite chuffed to be going tonight. Plus miss rebecca was voted class captain, or whatever, not sure of the correct title - so thats another reason to go :p

Well, thats it for me, cat bought a 1/4 of a squirrel to the back door! the tail and hind legs, so got to brace myself to dispose of it somehow :eek:

Wish me luck!


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Good luck Geri with the 1/2 of a squirrell !! u can do this hun, make this year the year u get to goal,and come new years 06 u will feel like a million dollars and call up the plastic sugeon and tell him"wheres my appointment,u lost my file so u need to put me to the top of your list LOL).
Have a good day hun,chat later xx
hahahahahaha yea at the moment I'm quite happy that they have 'lost my file' which is why I darent chase them up, in case they say.. 'come in next week!'

Squirrel is still there - not moved it yet.. will have to tho coz daisy will want to go in the garden when she comes home!

so anyway how are you doing?


Minimins gal x
S: 27st2lb C: 25st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st0lb(7.37%)
I am doing good hun,just took a bite out of my cranberry bar and nearly broke my bridge LOl so i think the peanut butter and cranberry bar can not stay in the fridge.
So i had my toffe bar instead.
Going to do some housework,bedroom looks like a hurricane has hit it.
Have a good day and remember NO PORK,NO SATAYS,NO PEPERAMI !!!! and def no squirrell LOL
think I can easy pass on the last option lol - mind you the hind legs have gone now, and it's just the tail.... am bracing myself!!

Well done you - stick with it :p
Whey hey, I've got here - day 3 today :D with no nibbles whatsoever, not nothing, zilch! My body can nibble away on the fat instead!

Hubbys birthday yesterday, and whilst they were all tucking into choc cake, which looked delicious, i made a choc muffin - so didnt feel left out! He says ' ooh it's nice, bit heavy tho isn't it' 'How do I know says I, I'm not eating it!'

Year 7 new parents thing went well, was nice to go and not be the biggest there - met her form teacher and some of the other parents which was nice...:)

Am out today, but just updating, so you don't think I've gone 'awol' :D

Bought a box of chocs to give to daisys helper who cut her hair, guess what, came back from the parents thingy and madam had tucked into them - obv my hiding place was not a good one, so I'll have to get some more over the weekend and make sure I hide them somewhere else this time!

good day to one and all :D
Lol cheb, I must remember to get some more today, and make sure I hide them this time!!

Ahh karen, thanks, did you manage to get through the weekend?

right well day 6 for me, think I am 10 or 11lb down, can't remember exactly what I started at! Have written it in my diary, but need to locate it! I did have protein on friday and saturday, but with my record that is good going, so happy enough with that. The jelly has been a lifesaver for me, I also put some of my vanilla pack with the lemon flavour on top of it, and it's like a moousey thing! As I get about a pint and a half from my shake, I just have the pint of the shake, then add mix a moose to the rest, whiz it up and put it on top of the set jelly, and it's delicious... :p

have a good day folks :D
Wow Geri, what an amazing loss in just 6 days!! You are doing brill!!

Yeah i managed to resist the binge monster over the weekend - am mightily pleased with myself!!

Glad you mentioned jelly - i'm just gonna make some myself... yummy!

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