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get rid of gas! help off to shop in a sec

title says it really girls n guys!

im still bloody constipated no matter what i take but il deal with that but to cap it off ive now got awfull tummy pains from gas (soz for tmi but some is trapped and erm..... some is not :sign0137: )

seriously though this has to go what can i do or take for this i cannot come out of ketosis id rather keep the wind lol

but im off to sainsburys in a little bit so any suggestions please quickly tell me

thanks in advance

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My husband = My hero
Senna hun...

That's all I know of x


please try again
if you need to trump get on your hands and knees and shove ur bum in the air

cant remember where i heard that but apparently works


please try again
windeze helps relase the trapped stuff


hoping for a good loss
poor you. Sounds like a trip to the gp is probably a good option.

Peppermint water is good for trapped wind. Pains could be due to chronic constipation as well as trapped wind so best get it sorted asap.

hugs. Charlie x
My brother used to lie on his front with his arms stretched out in front of him like superman flying and he used to get me to push hard on his lower back with my feet! Worked like a charm x
Get some lactulose (stool softener) as well as a laxative hon (senna, movicol) as you will need both to get rid of the current "blockage".
aw thanks guys im having an early night as seem to have a bit of relief from it for a min and guzzling the water and off to chemist before work tomorrow text my cdc she too advised mint tea and charcoal tabs if all else fails gee dont stand too close to me any time soon!


hoping for a good loss
mint is fab for windy pains.

Just don't stand too near to naked flames lol
hi all sorry to revive an old thread but help! ok so the wind went over the course of two days thank god!

but the other prob still remains!!! aarghhh i swear its over a week........ so far i have always been able to rely in dulcolax, i mean it does give me cramos before and can have me up in the night but i can deal wwith that as it sorts the problem...........

only it isnt!! i took it two days running n nothing had a day break n took it three days running this cannot be good!

any advice greatfully received somebody has mention lactulose thats never done any good for me on its own although should i be taking that with the dulcolax.... somethings gotta give before i blow :)

oh no :( I would try movicol , take 2-3 sachets and should get you moving , its one of the gentlest but effective laxatives , it is a very effective stool softener and can also be used for impaction . If you have a problem the 'other end' it may be worth trying glyceryn suppositories to help it out that end
hope you get sorted , its aweful
Lactulose won't stimulate you to go as it is only as softener hon.
Thanks guys I'm so clueless when it comes to the 'medicine' side of things! Il give movicol a go then here's hoping!


hoping for a good loss
I swear by Movicol too, is fantastic. Might take a few days to work properly though but don't give up hope. I take one sachet morning and evening until I start going. Works every time.

Might be a good idea to see GP and get it prescribed. Is quite expensive to buy over the counter
Ahhh the joys of the NHS.. .would cost me €50 just to see the GP!
i didn't know you had to pay gg! i nearly had a for at paying out £7 odd for a script the other day!
Yup.... we have no NHS over here and private insurance doesn't even cover basic GP care.

It's usually around €50 for the initial consultation and if you have to go back for a review it drops by €5-10 but you have to book the review at the time or else it's classed as another "initial" usually.

Meds are also really expensive.. I pay €90 a month for my anti-depressants but now have a card so that if I have to get any other prescription meds on top that month the max I pay is €120

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