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Getting back in the zone


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Ha - I wish I had an answer for this - once I've let slip, I find it really tough to get my groove back...I guess that I'd just think long and hard about why I wanted it so badly - I've achieved my blood-pressure goal and I'm down to a 14-16 - but this next bit is about me wanting to run long distances again and to be a healthy BMI by the time I hear whether I have a marathon place or not. So I'm thinking ahead in a 3-6 month chunk. Also - when I am getting back on it, I trick myself by saying 'Just do it for 5 days. A week. 10 days, may as well do it for a month. If I do it for 2 months, that's around 2.5-3 stone. It's only 2 months.

Also on this diet I am saving about 300 quid a month in not eating out and socialising and that extra money is coming in very handy!


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If you find it hard doing SS straight off try SS+, or 810 or even 1000 plan and work your way down the plans. SS+ is probably best as you will get into ketosis, but if you find that hard just low carb, (no pasta, sugar) then 1000 - 810 - SS+ - SS

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I think it is only natural that motivation, the novelty of doing this and the food cravings creep in. I have been 100% til now but some how feel now doing SS+ most days that I am doing wrong. I have done some sugarfree chewing gum and a coke zero this week and feel very naughty. I just hope this is not the start of my slippery slope. Need to concentrate now on it otherwise £40 a week will be a waste. I am very focussed on the weekly weight loss on the scales. Seeing that I am now fitting into size 16 in some things is another incentive. Hope you get your mojo back. Jayne x


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I'm also finding this far tougher this time round! I'm on day 10 and just can't shake off this miserable feeling. I'm not hungry but The thought of CD products really isn't doing it for me yet last time I loved them :-(

Maybe it's coz it's the weekend and I miss my social life and my wee weekend treats. Really need to shake myself!!
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I found the only way to make it easier on myself was to get into ketosis first using low carb foods with the shakes for the first few days. I had as much chicken, tuna, egg whites etc as I needed (not wanted!) and SS+ amounts of salad or veg.

Once I was in ketosis it was much easier to cut down on the protein until I was at SS+ amounts and I am now working my way down to SS.

That, along with a huge amount of determination helped me immensely!

Also, I would recommend getting the ketostix if you can, as seeing that change to pink kept me going too as I didn't want it to go back to beige!

Good luck :)

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