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Getting bit frustrated with self

As have had no loss for two weeks now - seem to be stuck at an 8-9 lb loss in total - started 13th September so it's been a full five weeks (on Tuesday).

Have 40lbs to lose in total so another 30+ to go - and currently at around a 28bmi - so it's not as if I only have a small amount to lose - so as I said I'm just getting a bit impatient and would like to be doing better.

I know that I could improve on several areas, namely :-

Drinking more fluids - am not at 1.5L a day
Not adding sugar free squash to the water that I do manage to consume
Cutting back on skimmed milk and ff yoghurt/fromage frais
Eating more? Tend to consume average 1200 cals a day - but maybe should aim for more?
Do more exercise - have back problems so can't do much, but could do more walking in general.

So I know that I could do lots of different things to help myself - so why don't I ?

Not sure really - just think that maybe if I stick my head in the sand and carry on as I am the weight will start to come off again in it's own good time?

In the meantime I am getting frustrated with myself!!!!
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You really aren't doing badly!

8-9lbs in 5 weeks is only just under 2lbs a week, which is the goal, and almost everyone here has 1-2 weeks every month when the scales seem to stay in one place (my stall used to last 12 days ever single month when I was in cruise).

A lot of things you mention - drinking more water, walking more - are good in and of themselves, but there is no need to beat yourself up when in fact you have a perfectly normal loss rate.
Are you posting menus Teddy? There aren't any hidden tolerated items that are contributing to this? If you want to lose faster do more exercise, drink more water...Sometimes it's easier said than done x
Maybe you just need to get excited about your weight loss again and re-motivate yourself. I find looking at fitter/thinner and the fattest photos of myself works for me as does some of the 'fitspiration' you get on the internet but find whatever works for you and get back into it!!!
I think the before and after photos on this site really help too!
Yes I post my menus (teddy67 in the diary section).

Thanks for the encouraging posts - your right Maintainer 2lb loss is good and steady - and am not far short of that - I think if I see the scales moving down again instead of fluctuating at 158-159 I will feel spurred on again.
teddy, I think your loss is not slow overall, but 3 weeks is a lot of time not to be losing anything..
I just had a look at your menus, you mention you haven't had your period for a while, is this still the case? If it is, that might be the reason..

Also, I would drop the cappucino and see how it goes..
I was in a cafe a few days ago, asked for skinny latte, I also asked if they are using skimmed milk (for no apparent reason) , they said no-low fat! This was the first time I asked, one would assume they use skimmed milk, right? :rolleyes:


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You are doing so well AND you are loosing weight at a perfect rate! I think you are just being impatient ;)
You know all of the right things to do, drink more clean water (no squash) and exercise daily (min 30 mins) so focus on that! You can do it x
Thanks to everyone for your encouragement - I think you are all probably right in that I am just going through a bad patch of impatience..
... I did consider giving up my morning cappuccino - which is made at home so is definitely skinny - but to be honest being able to have milk and thereby my morning cappuccino was probably the main reason I chose this diet over Atkins which I had done previously. Since realising that there is a 250ml limit I am much better at not having any more during the day - except today as out and about on a PP day it's about the only thing on a menu that I can have which offers some level of comfort - a standard coffee just doesn't hit the spot - but am doing better. As had 2 today - not having any yoghurt for dessert.
TOTM is now 38 days late - grrr - it's happened before so nothing to worry about - but frustrating not to know if it's due anytime soon!
Thanks again - am sure I will see the scale move down again soon.
Teddy, I started on sep 17 and only lost 5 pounds. It is very frustrating but I don't want to quit. If I keep on the diet I have the doubt (and hope) I might loose. If I quit I have the certainty that I will gain. Therefore I choose the first option. What do u choose? :)
I didn't realise it was home made cappucino, then no need to give it up;)
It must be the TOTM then, it is almost 10 days late.. I know I stop losing/gaining almost a week before it, and only start going down again the following week..
Keep positive, I am sure you will lose very fast once this is sorted.. :)
Phew on the cappuccino :)
Can still have my morning treat in bed that OH makes me every morning ...
Am on here at 5am in the morning as our new cat just woke us up !!! - no cat flap yet - as awake needed a wee - as usual couldn't resist getting on those scales for a quick peek - 1.4lbs down - woo hoo.
Best try and get to sleep again now - might be even lower come my normal weigh-in time :)
Oh and my TOTM was due 38 days ago - not last one 38 days ago - making it over 5.5 weeks late!
As said happened before so not late - but not reliable indicator of weight fluctuations.

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