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Getting Desperate - Control Pants!


I have a dress which I MUST fit into next week and it is getting close. I do fit into the dress, just and I need to have a bit of a chat with it first to convince it to play the game. So, I have decided that I need to help myself along with some control underwear. I don't really care how uncomfortable I am or what indignity is involved but I will be wearing the dress. I am thinking about getting these - http://www.marksandspencer.com/Ulti...re&ref=sr_1_1&qid=1287523221&sr=1-1&rh=&page= as I can get them on next day delivery if I can't get them in store tomorrow - I must have them by the weekend and to be honest cost and comfort are no longer an option!! Does anyone else have any ideas - it's a very important occasion and I need to fit the dress!!

Thanks to anyone who has some input!!
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I have a body suit style one, and a bum, thigh and tum one! They do a great job, but i find the body suit one doesn't do such a great job with the boobs! So i tend to opt for a decent bra, and the bum, thigh and tum one. It slims me down, and makes me feel better. Going to the loo is a job and a half though!
I agree with the bulge at the top though, need to avoid that!
The boob area is my problem area - I need some reduction as well as some support but most of all I need some reduction!! The most important is I need the least needtogetthezipup drama as possible for a near-strapless dress - is the M&S range my best bet? Thanks for all the help so far :)
depending on what size boobs you are they do some amazing minimiser bra's.

I think they do one with a detachable strap.

They are so helpful in Marks and especially in the bra department . I know when I was looking for a bra for under a strappy dress I had bought in Monsoon on Oxford Street for the blessing of our wedding vows( I was in London for a shopping spree ) I went into Marks with the dress and they sorted out the perfect bra for me.

Take the dress with you that way you are bound to get the right underwear.
I have the one you linked, I balked at the cost but it does do an amazing job of pushing you into shape. The only downside I have found is that the detachable straps are a bit TOO detachable and unfasten themselves while you are trying to wrestle your way into it. And then when your husband does the washing they have a tendency to go missing. Otherwise its great. I would definitely recommend going in store and trying on though.
If you're anywhere near a Rigby and Peller they do amazing hold you in underwear. Comfier than all the rest and more smoothing. Worth the cost - I've spent far more on other brands that just don't really work, push lumps and bumps elsewhere. If you take the dress with you, you can make sure it looks right.

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