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Getting into the tens!!

I'm in!! I would like to be 10 stone for Christmas please.....I asked nicely! :)

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Hi, I have lost my way the last couple of weeks:-( I think I'm going to have a big weight gain on Wednesday. Please help me get back on track. I would love to get to 10 stone for Christmas that would be amazing, but don't think it's possible I weighed 12 stone 6 last weight in. Hope I havent put too much on. Xx


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I don't think I'll be 10 at but def into the tens by Christmas! We're nearly into September so about 4 months- my weight loss has slowed to 1-2 lbs a month but that's still 8 lbs at least by Christmas- yay!!

I'll be posting every day so all the best for tomorrow ladies x
Can I join your thread please? I started WW nearly 6weeks ago and WI on a Wednesday night. I last weighed in at 12 stone 1.5 so would love to be in the tens for Christmas, thats my target right now. Good luck everyone!!


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Of course you can! I find the honk thread helpful to stick to plan so having a group of people with similar goals should help too!

Goal today : stick to 29 points


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Starkissed you will be! I know it's a bit depressing thinking o f Christmas already but I'd rather not be in the 'oh I'll lose weight after christmas' camp.

Lol Han- 100lb no probs ;)

Are you back to ww? Xo


I can haz cake?
Think i'd be a bit deluded to think I could do that :p Yeah I think I'm going to go back to class because i need a kick up the rear... spent most of my exante spell being very sick >__> Feel like im running around in circles so I'll just have to hope this change in direction wakes up my metabolism until I get to speak to my docs about my meds :)
I hope you don't think I'm being rude hann but I really don't think meal replacement is healthy- worried that you'd do all the hard work (cos that takes discipline !) then put it on when you eat healthily again. Or that the meds need food to work better?

Really hope I'm not offending you at all xx


I can haz cake?
nah you arent offending me in the slightest :) Meal replacement isn't neccesarily the healthiest way to lose weight, i agree. But I felt I needed it at the time, and in a weird way it gives you a massive appreciation of food, lol. I think short spells of it is probably the only way I can do it.

I'm just struggling with weightloss the "natural" way, I feel like these drugs are putting me in a position where I have to choose between life threatening psoriasis, and life threatening obesity... :(

I've been on these drugs for 3 years. when I started them I weighed 16 stone, give or take... went up 4 stone in about 18 months...

Gonna go back to my class as I need the support... but I dont know if ww is the plan for me yet. Just got to stop myself from getting back to 20 stone again! Even if I ever get to my goal weight its gonna be horrendous trying to keep the weight off while im still on these meds :(
Nomes said:
Starkissed you will be! I know it's a bit depressing thinking o f Christmas already but I'd rather not be in the 'oh I'll lose weight after christmas' camp.

Lol Han- 100lb no probs ;)

Are you back to ww? Xo
I actually can't wait to work Xmas party's to be in a little dress in the 10 stones :) will be such a good feeling rather than feeling frumpy like I do now!
I can't wait to the Christmas party's in hopefully a nice little dress lol how vain does that sound? Lol I'm sure we can all reach our goals or we wouldn't be here right now x
I want to join too please!! I would love to get into the 10's by Xmas too!! :)

My last weigh in I was 12st 4 so to officially get into the 10's I need to lose 19lbs which would make me 10st 13!!!

I get weighed on a Wednesday so I have 18 weigh ins before Xmas so don't think my target is too ambitious!! Think we could all really support each other!!x
Sounds realistic!!

We had a funeral today and ended up going for lunch in a gourmet burger place.
I'm pleased as I had 2pp for breakfast, no buns or scones at the funeral, chicken and half portion of chips, and just 5pp for dinner. Goal met of 29 pp!

I'm weighing in tomorrow at 8.15 so I'll know better how many pounds til the tens!

How's everyones day?
My weigh in isn't until 10.30 and I have nothing to eat before hand so it's murder, I'm so hungry afterwards but I normally treat myself to a yummy lunch and bar of chocolate after so its worth it!!

You sound like you do well today, always find it hard when things like funerals come up, so hard to stay away from the cake table!!

My days been ok, really busy so not had as much to eat as I would normally but not really a bad thing before weigh in I suppose!! ;)
Eugh I gained 0.5lbs tonight still got my stone off. 1 Stone 9lbs to get my ww goal of 10 stone 4lbs giving me a bmi of 24

1 stone exactly till I'm 10 stone 13lbs cannot wait to see that 10 instead of an 11!!
My goal at the moment is 9st 4lbs but tbh I think it's a bit unrealistic, if I could get down to 10st 4lbs (2 stone away!!) I think I'd be happy, that's what I weighed when I got married and would kill to get back there again!! :)

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