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Getting knocked out of Ketosis with veggies or processed foods...

Hello there to everyone. A question was asked to me about being knocked out of ketosis with veggies or processed foods such as cookies and etc...

Is it easier to get back into ketosis when you go over the daily carb allowance with veggies than with the processed foods? It's an interesting question and maybe jim or some of the others out there and can answer this question. I know when I went over 20 carbs, and it was due to veggies I wasn't knocked out and i still had a loss. But I'm not sure about the processed foods and cookies and etc..

any thoughts would be great :D
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I think it's the sugar carbs that knock you out of ketosis, I never measured my veggies that well during induction, and I'm pretty sure some days I was over 20 carbs, but I knew then that a slice of bread would have stopped me losing.
well on cd/ll you can have approx 60g of carbs and be in ketosis

i think its more to do with the added salt and sugar which will make you look like you gain after eating cookies/ crisps/ junk etc.
the same amount of carbs from veg will not be as bad weight-wise (on scales) as they dont contain as many baddies as processed foods.

so i think you could still be in ketosis after a cookie or piece of bread but the scales will show more of a water gain compared to veggies as no salt increasing water retention.

hope this makes sense x
thanks for the explanations everyone because I know I may go over the 20 carb count but mainly due to veggies... this was great info for me..


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I'm the same. I have been eating a whole bag of raw runner beans/ mange tout in one sitting then having more veg for tea and still not even nearly knocking me out of ketosis.
You cut out Cheese and citrix wasn't it Laura?
I haven't had a problem ever with citrix, probably because the only soft drink I have is diet tonic if I have a G&T.

Cheese though, well even now, if I eat cheese every day I'll gain weight. Strange isn't it.
Mmmmmmm, yes I may just make a cauli cheese over the weekend
Oooo i forgot all about cauli cheese, yummy! Must make some! I have half a cauli left from making cauli rice last night so that sounds a great idea! Cheers Jim! (much better idea than your smelly mackeral!) ;)
Sorry to say that ketosis will not make you lose weight if your calories in are greater than your calories out, no matter whether it be low carb, low calorie, or low fat.
This I may need to but in another thread but an interesting thing anna said calories in vs calories out. A friend of mines is a strong believer in this and says that even thought atkins is a good diet and etc.. but in the end it's all about the calories you've consumed and calories you've burned.. any thoughts on this. Me personally I was thinking that after I reach my goal or I'm 5 pounds to my goal to start adding carbs back and also at the same time calorie count. I'm preparing myself now for maintence something I didnt do the last time I lost weight. I'm not going to gain this weight back!
well done keep up the good work, its worth the small adjustment in the first week.

For me its trial and error if i have a treat its a treat not a two week binge like before. Consistancy is the key. Cant wait to see my weight come xmas xxx

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