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Getting married jan 2012 in cuba

Hello everyone, my name is Laura and I am getting married in Cuba in January 2012 and I have to be a size 10 by then (currently a 16) because I have bought a size 10 wedding dress!!! I started on exante and lost 15.5lbs and now have switched to low carbing as exante was becoming too difficult for me. I am really happy low carbing and feel great...just have to drop the pounds now :p
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Thanks margarino!! I'm really excited already I have my dress and sorting out hairstyles :)
I never thought I'd be like this but I'm super excited now to the point of boring everyone with all the talk of it lol I've even looked at jewellery for the day! Oh god kill me now!
Yeah my fiancé switched off at shoes lol I've been looking at irregular choice ones!! I even bought a wedding ideas magazine can you imagine!!! I never thought id be one of those girls! I've still got ten months to go so I'm sure people are gonna be really tired of my taking about my wedding so I've stopped talking about it on my diet diary lol


Chronic dieter!!!
I just find there is so much more to think about when you opt out of the "traditional wedding", which equals so much more to talk about! So what is your dress like? I wasn't brave enough to order mine in a 10 so i went for 12, i went today to do the final measurements and have only got a couple of inches left to lose to fit into the 12 - was so so pleased :)
Wow that's brilliant!!! You must be well pleased... Mines is actually a two piece but very simple and ivory, I wanted something light too so it's chiffon material. I guess I don't really have that much to plan in the broad spectrum of things but it's nice to start somewhere and feel like I'm doing something lol I think I will buy our rings next...


Chronic dieter!!!
I made the mistake of falling in love with a ring that i absolutely cannot afford! :( Its a beautiful antique looking ring from the US which is perfect as the whole wedding is vintage (and so is my engagement ring).
Here are the ones i liked the best:

Wow!!! They are amazing!! How expensive is expensive tho? I'll just be having plain White gold band to match my engagement ring... I'm not really a flashy person and I like simple things. My fiancé is really outdoorsy too so I think it's best to get something cheap incase he loses or damages it.
We are getting titanium rings I've just looked online they are very cheap and last forever/ very hard metal and very scratch resistant lol ever the practical person I am!!
I made the mistake of falling in love with a ring that i absolutely cannot afford! :( Its a beautiful antique looking ring from the US which is perfect as the whole wedding is vintage (and so is my engagement ring).
Here are the ones i liked the best:

can you please tell me the website for these???? my dream ring!!!! never thought it existed!!!!!
Hi teetiefunk

just having a look at your diary due to the cuba reference. we're looking at getting married abroad, but have no idea where to start (i.e. shipping my dress, how to organise at a venue i wont see until i get there, eeek, which country???) any advice would be appreciated...did you get the wedding in a package with the holiday? thanks
Hi Alex, yes we got the wedding package free after we booked the holiday all I did was book online then call up to add the wedding package onto it.. It's very stress free and very cheap considering how much it would cost to get married here in the uk... The wedding organiser at the hotel takes care of everything!!! I have already been in touch with mine and she is lovely and very accommodating. The only thing we need to supply legal wise is a copy of our passports and birth certificates 2 months before we leave so they can organise our wedding licence and obv bring the originals with us. It's a bit more complicated if any of you have been divorced or changed your name by deed poll. I am amazed at how stress free it's been and how cheap it is!!! If there's anything else you want to know such as location prices or anything my email is [email protected] x
Great thanks

- think the thing I am most worried about is the photographer - i.e. are they any good LOL plus don't want to get ripped offf with a copyright release fee
As far as I know the photographer in the resort I am getting married at is quite good... There is 20 photos included in the free wedding package but I am paying a bit more (not much more) to have a good few more photos as it will just be me and fiancé going.... I've been emailing a lady who was recently married there and she said her photos were lovely. You should try and look at reviews on trip advisor of people who have been married on the resort you pick and then email them asking a few questions that's what I did, I don't think it's cheeky at all Id be happy to give any info if someone asked me... You should def look into Cuba tho very stunning location!! Married on a beach could you ask for more?
Just updating this as I haven't been on it in ages, I've got 264 days left until I get married and I have around 3 stone left to lose, lost about 2 already!! I am so gonna do this if it kills me lol I have my size 10 wedding dress already and I look at it almost everyday it's a great inspiration.

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