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Getting married next week. What should I eat on my honeymoon?


addicted to minimins
Hi all,

I'm really quite a newbie to minimins, but I have found that all the posts and threads have been so positive and supportive! Minimins is a great community, so I've decided I'm not afraid to post my own thread and ask a question...

This past semester has been EXTREMELY busy for me. I have been working with elementary students (studying special elementary education) and working 35 + hours each week between my two jobs. Between that, spending time with the fiance and preparing to get married (one week from today!), I have had very little time to exercise. I started out motivated to eat low-carb, but my schedule got so tight and I became so exhausted due to lack of sleep that this failed as well. My parents buy a lot of lunch snacks for my siblings who are still in elementary/middle school and I started grabbing those on my way out the door.

Long story short, I meant to lose weight but ended up gaining at least a Stone (new term I learned here!) this semester.

Obviously there is no use in fretting over it this close to my wedding, because my fiance and I love each other very much and he understands and thinks I'm beautiful anyway. However, I would like to try to begin losing weight again (started yesterday).

I get married on Tuesday and then we are staying at a nice place in town for three nights. I have debated whether I should take these days and the reception "off" and eat what I want when we go out to breakfast/lunch/dinner or if I should order salads all the time.

I hope nobody thinks I'm crazy! I definitely do NOT plan on using the gym at the hotel. The hubby will be able to provide other means of exercise. ;)

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding honeymoon meals?

Thanks so much!
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Well firstly congratulations, and working on the assumption that you only do it once ( or in my case twice ) I say enjoy every minute of it and worry about your diet afterwards !! it's only 3 days and he loves you anyway .


addicted to minimins
Thanks for the congrats and the advice! :) Much appreciated.


On A Mission!
Dont you dare order salads on your honeymoon lol!!! This is your wedding, enjoy it to the full.

Hope you have a really wonderful and romantic time, and just enjoy it. You have the rest of your life to think about diets :)

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