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  1. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    Hello all :)

    I have just bitten the bullet and ordered 2 tubs of Herbalife F1 (vanilla and choc) - I seem to be on a different diet every week these days and it's been getting me down. I feel really miserable all the time and feel like I'll never lose the weight! But I know Herbalife works cos I've done it before and I think removing having to think about what food I can/can't have all the time will stop me obsessing. I've been trying to eat healthy lately but I seem to end up bingeing so have not lost any weight.

    I am boring my bf to death with all my diets so I'm not telling him, at least not yet, and I tend to see him on weekends and stay over so will just have to try and eat healthy balanced meals when I'm there.

    My goal is to get back into size 10 skinny jeans, I think I'll have to lose about 10 pounds for that...not that far to go I suppose! Also want to feel more energised and get back into my fitness regime (running and turbofire)

    Anyway shakes will take a few days to arrive so will start when they get here...will spend that time psyching myself up for it! Eeek!
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  3. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Yay! Welcome back :) when did u last do herbalife? How did u find it? Im the same with my boyfriend ha ha, been on herbalife since april and really like it :)

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  4. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    Thanks Clover :) it has been a couple of years since I last did it, at the time I used to travel about 45 mins to go and see my distributor who was very good to be fair but I felt pressured into buying loads of products, plus the petrol getting there, and I gave up because of the cost of it. It cost me nearly £100 for the first month! But I enjoyed it and lost about 8 or 10 pounds in the first month no problem.

    I'm feeling nervous about it now because I've given up on so many diets lately, but think it's just because I've not been able to commit to them. I was gonna do low carb but this is much easier and healthier and I know I can stick to it! Just want it to arrive so I can start!

    Can I ask what sort of meals you've been having?
  5. jadestar86

    jadestar86 Full Member


    I spent £150 on my order but that was for 2 tubs of shake, 1 tub of protein drink mix, 2 boxes of protein chocolate peanut bars, the vitamins and the fibre tablets. However that is my breakfast, lunch and 1 snack per day for a month and including the vits and fibre tablets works out to £5 per day!! Much less than I was spending on breakfast and lunch previous (I work in town).

    If you look at my diary you'll see my evening meals but as an idea

    Tuna and egg salad (Tuna mixed with cottage cheese)
    Roast chicken and veg with sweet potato mash instead of potato's
    Warm chicken salad
    Chicken fajita's minus the tortilla with 0% fat greek yogurt instead of sour cream and sweet potato wedges
    Salmon with veg and salad.
    Steak with salad

    I use a lot of sweet potato and 0% fat greek yogurt and lots of different herbs and spices to add flavour to the meal - am really enjoying them! Also have to eat out at lunch with work alot so will have a steak or chicken and salad option and then my shake for dinner.

    Good luck! x
  6. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    Thanks Jade, your meals sound really nice especially the fajitas :) I can't wait to start!! x
  7. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    When does ur order arrive? I look ve getting them! Received mine today, even waited up for it post-nightshift ha ha.

    Im a veggie so rely on protein from soya meat (quorn etc) dairy, nuts and beans. My meals are usually quorn and salad, or omlette salad, jacket pot and salad, or cous cous and veggies. Been using carrot sticks with low fat cottage cheese or fruit for snacks. Just got some herbalife protein bars which are yummy too! X

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  8. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    Haha I understand your excitement, I love getting stuff in the post, so much more exciting than going to the shop! The estimated delivery is between Friday and Monday so I'm planning on starting on Tuesday. I know there's no good time to start but I'm going to mum's on Monday night cos it's my nan's birthday and they want a chippy tea! Probably not the best day to start!

    Finding it hard not to just stuff crappy food down me for the rest of this week just because I can. I have turned into one of those secret eaters and it needs to stop!

    Clover I remember having the citrus Herbalife snack bars last time which was really quite nice especially with a brew in the afternoon...I might need to invest in some! x
  9. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    yes its the citrus ones I have, really liked it, nice texture. I was having the naked bars before and really hated the texture, the herbie ones.actually feel like a little treat! X

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  10. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    My order has been dispatched, yay! Next job is to get rid of the crap in the cupboards!
  11. fatmumof1

    fatmumof1 Full Member

    Welcome to this brilliant support team, I have been doing this since January it was my last diet I could not shift the weight, since then I am now 25lbs down loads of energy and just signed up to do a half marathon next may!

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  12. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    That's amazing, well done you! Hope I can have similar success as you! Looking forward to the extra energy :)

    Don't know if anyone else noticed but in my big Tesco today I noticed they are having a healthy living aisle til the end of August, they were selling all sorts of high protein goodies like bounce balls and the like, rather expensive but maybe worth a look??
  13. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    I saw this, great but so bloody expensive!!

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  14. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    My order has arrived! I'll start on Tuesday! Eeee!!!
  15. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Why not start tomorro;)

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  16. fatmumof1

    fatmumof1 Full Member

    Yeah why not start tomorrow?

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  17. jadestar86

    jadestar86 Full Member

    Mine arrived on a Friday and I started the same day - figured another weekend of eating crap was not going to help! I know you're going for your chippy tea but the shakes will make a better alternative to your other meals before that! Try and eat the inside of the fish and not as many chips ;-) x
  18. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    I did think about it but I'm away this weekend and not back til Monday anyway and figured one day won't make much difference.

    It's about 12 weeks til I go on holiday to America so I want to get to my goal by then and wear a size 10 pair of denim shorts!
  19. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    Well it's the night before!!The chippy tea wasn't too bad I only had half a portion. It's funny that since I've decided to do Herbalife I've been losing my appetite which is helpful, I hope it lasts!

    Plan for tomorrow is:
    Breakfast: Vanilla shake with blueberries
    Lunch: Chocolate shake
    Dinner: Chilli con carne with a wholemeal pitta (currently in the slow cooker)
    Snacks: Oatcakes with cottage cheese and pepper, apple and almonds

    I found out today that tomorrow the whole office is having Dominoes pizza bought for them for lunch, and a woman at work said I'd have to put my diet off for another day...well I'm not going to! Pizza does not rule my plans! I'm not even too fussed about it and another girl in my section is avoiding it too so it shouldn't be too bad, I am seeing it as a challenge to avoid it.

    Told people at work that I'm starting it too and there was the usual expected (and well deserved) comments about this being diet number 21 this year and 'how long's this one gonna last?' just made me more determined to prove them all wrong!

    July is going to be my month! My July goals are:

    1) Lose 8 pounds
    2) Run 15 miles in total
    3) Do 10 workout DVDs

    Wish me luck! :)
  20. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    Good luck! I hope u can avoid the pizza! Can u go out the office for lunch maybe? Your menu sounds good. Over in the health and fitness forum, theres a thread for exervise totals, a new one just started for july, put down a goal and count it up as u complete ur exercises :)
  21. phoenixxx

    phoenixxx Full Member

    That sounds good I'll check it out after work.

    Well my starting weight is higher than expected at 10 stone 9 so I have a stone to lose before my holiday which is 12 weeks on Friday. I am so determined!

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