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Just keep going!
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I'm sorry hun, i'm not the greatest with ideas but i'm sure there'll be someone soon enough that can advise you :)

When i was decarbing i just stuck to chicken breast and salad and slowly reduced my intake of sweet drinks (i was addicted to Morrisons Apple, Raspberry and Strawberry squash) I only did it for 3 days and it seemed to prevent any headaches when i finally was able to start my shakes.



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Okay so im trying to prepare my body this week ready to start CD by having low carb foods for my meals. Have already switched to skimmed milk and I know chicken and green/white veg is good. Can anyone give me some other ideas for meals? :)
you could maybe have a prawn omelete? with green veg or salad? I just cut out the bread, pastas and sweets before starting and escaped the headaches :)

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Get lots of herbs and spices. Have a look for combos like garlic and herb chicken packs that give some flavour to plain chicken and meat. Have puchased the Nandos bbq rub in maranade to try, low in carbs and 15cals for 2tsp, can't wait to try it on one of my ss+ days! Just be careful they're not too high in sugar! And for some ridiculous reason I am VERY addicted to pickled cabbage you can have on SS+, my mouth is just watering from the thought of it! Bleeding hell I'm a sad one lol!

Erm, haven't done many ss+ days, but had roasted leeks with chicken and am loving cold prawns covered in pepper! I sound like I'm pregnant lol! I'm def not though!

I didn't do a prep before I went on CD, good on you for getting into the zone me dear! :) Hope my ramblings have helped a bit lol!


Just keep going!
S: 18st11.5lb C: 14st9.5lb G: 12st11lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 4st2lb(22.01%)
Hehe thanks everyone, Im cutting down/out the bread this week and trying not to have sweets either. I don't drink fizzy stuff anyway as it makes me feel horribly bloated so thats easily sorted :) Im gonna miss my orange squash though even though I only have it weak to start lol!

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