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Getting rid of clothes


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i sold lots of stuff on ebay. best thing to do is look at similiar items in other sales . or go to top of ebay page and go to advanced search and search completed items similar to what you have. unless something is costly start it at a low price, more chance of getting it sold . car boot ,set abit higher than what you want and let people haggle you down, remember how much you actually want for it and decide on the day whether to let it go or not. good luck


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I admire those of you who actually bother to sell the "fat" stuff. I am too lazy!!! I have passed all my huge but still decent stuff to my MIL, who volunteers in Oxfam. The manager there loves having the outsize clothes to sell, as they "walk out the door". Just shows there are a lot more people who might be in need of LL or similar doesnt it!

Best of luck with boot sale or ebay!
I have to sell my stuff as MEGA skint and trying to pay debts off so dont have the luxury of being lazy about it but my own fault so only myself to blame!
Re ebay I usually put my stuff on at 99p and see where it goes. 10 day listings are a good idea! If you go to moneysavingexpert.com there is a whole thread on ebay selling & another on car boots (anything moneysaving really!!) HTH?!!
I agree with the advice above- start with a low listing on ebay, you are sometimes (not always) amazed by how high things go for. My experience is that specific brands go better than anything non-specific- people tend to search by brand name and size e.g. Marks and Spencer size 22 or per una size 18.

With the car boot- fix in your mind a price you would be happy with, then add a little bit and allow yourself to be haggled down. Suits, coats, 'party tops' and pretty shoes seem to get the best prices- workaday shirts, t-shirts and trousers rarely sell , similarly named jeans often go well, non-brands from supermarkets are not usually worth the petrol it costs to take them. But that's just my experience!

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