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Getting started GP question


Unzipping the fat suit
Evening everyone,

been to see my CDC today to get me and my husband started on SS asap. My BMI is 46 so I have to see my GP before we can get started, (his is only 38 so no problems there). Just wondered if anyone else had any experience of taking the idea of CD to their GP

thanks in advance

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I've known people that have had to see their GP first and it was fine so stay positive :)


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I had to see mine before I started and he was fine about it. I think in general they think its good that you are doing something about your weight.
I had to see a gp to start, I'd only recently moved into the area so had never seen the doctor before, she was a bit bitchy about it but signed the forms non the less.
I had to see a gp at my surgery and omg she was a waste of space highly unprofessional and made me leave the room while she rang her husband who's also a doc at the surgery whether she could sing the form or not grrr grrr grrr
U Need My Docs He Was Young Very Good Looking And Kept Touching Me (not In A Bad Way Just Reasuring ) He Then Took My Blood Pressure Which Was Very High (wonder Why That Was )anyway When I Stopped Looking In His Eyes He Handed Me The Form Have To Go Back This Week To Recheck My Pressure Never Been So Happy To Go Docs Before Lol
Anyway Stick With It It Works Dont Give In To Easy U Need Will Power For First Few Days .keep Popping On Here They Are A Great Insperation Xxx Good Luck


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I had no problems with my GP.

He did suggest that he could give me Xenical so that it didn't cost me but I declined his kind offer!

He is now delighted with my progress!

At the end of the day if they have had other successful patients in the surgery they will come round to the idea of Cambridge.


Unzipping the fat suit
Thanks for all the advice, I'm sure the doc will be fine, I'm just so nervous and excited - I've been overweight since my teens (20 years ago!) so I have no idea what thin me looks like!

Hi CJ!

Once you start SS'ing, you will definitely know what the slim you looks like!!! It's great that your Hubby is doing it too. I had 2 weeks on my own before my Hubby decided to go on the SS plan and it was absolute agony!!
My GP was only to happy to sign forms when I wanted to go on the LL programme, but I didn't need his permission this time around...
Xenical - nasty stuff!!!
Hi CJ!

Xenical - nasty stuff!!!
Xenical is for people who have fat in their diet so doesn't really encourage healthy eating. Still, my doctor gave it to me despite me telling him what I eat - perhaps he didn't believe me.

So most of the time I couldn't take it as I wasn't eating any fatty foods! Waste of time and money really. For those who do take it thoug with a fatty diet, it sounds like it has some really horrible effects on your bowels!
Hi Sweetpea...I was prescribed Xenical ages ago.

I stuck to the SW plan and during the month I lost 2lbs!!! The side effects from Xenical are embarrasing and quite upsetting!!
In so many words, I had to go armed to the loo with washing liquid and daren't cough!! Funny thinking about it now, certainly wasn't at the time though!!!


Unzipping the fat suit
not really sure what the docs think they are going to achieve with Xenical, I was given a prescription for it when it first came out and I was begging for some kind of help with my weight. The doc in question handed it to me like it was some kind of magic and then gave me a repeat prescription so I didn't need to go back to see her if I wanted any more!!! Needless to say I took it twice then returned it to the chemist

nasty nasty stuff!


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