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getting there!

good morming all, this is my second day of lipotrim and have to say I don't feel to bad. Except I gag with every sip of the milkshakes. Think i'll need to add a wee sweetener.
I've been reading your posts on here and thinks it's great how you support each other. I hope this will help me get through and low times. I'll keep you posted and i'll gladly take any advise offered.:gen126:
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Add a sweetener and ice if you don't already. Within a couple of weeks you'll find this too sweet and drop the sweetener again. I could never have gotten into it without the sweeteners.

I got soup today for the first time and I am DREADING it! LOL I'll be on later for my own tips I'm sure. ;)

Have you looked through the stickies on top of the board? There's LOADS of help there too. :D
they can take some getting used to, but thinkof them as weight loss medicine rather than food - doesnt seem so disappointing then! and then eventually you'll grow to like them, and the refeed gang will tell you they even miss them! so trust in us, it gets better!

well done for starting and best of luck!! xxx


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I always use 2 sweetners in my shakes and they taste the same as normal shakes.
After 6 days i really cannot stomach vanilla flavour anymore!!
I find sipping through a straw makes the shakes better for me!!


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mmmmm make them with ice cold water :drool:
i only used to ever have the chocolate shake with ice cold water and i used to drink it so quickly cuz i loved it!!!!!! :D

I am on day 2. The lady in the pharmacy told me to mix the vanilla with a spoon of coffee and hot water but I must confess I found it really difficult to stomach it. I am thinking of just making them with cold water as at least then I can just down them. I had the soup last night it was not so bad actually. I am wondering what sweeteners are allowed on this diet? I am living in Dublin. It would be great to get some support from this website as I am doing this completely on my own and have not even mentioned it to my friends as I did not want to get into a debate or have to take on any negativity. I am still hungry but drinking lots of water hoping that it will help. Is it really true the more water you drink the better the loss? I am in and out to the toilet and feel bloated from drinking so much. Any help would be great. I am going to try and come onto this website everyday to try and keep myself motivated.
Well done for making it to day two! I hate the shakes! All of them! Heh. I just drink chocolate, through a straw & try to distract myself until it's over. But, really, they're not there to be enjoyed anyway & it's not so bad.

Good luck for the rest of your first week :)