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Getting things hot?

Hey everyone,

I'm on day 5 of the diet today - managed to stick to it 100% so far so very proud of myself (even when I was in hospital on friday having my wisdom teeth out!). Day 3 was the hardest for me, feeling a lot better the last couple of days. I'm hoping this means I'm in ketosis (haven't got any ketostix so can't be certain).

Anyway, I'm wondering whether anyone else finds it hard not having hot food. It may be because I haven't mastered the art of making the packs yet, but because we can't use boiling water, I always find my soups and hot shakes are more luke warm, and I really like things hot! Anyone know any tips to help this?

Just want to say a big thank you to everyone for the support they provide on here - its been amazing being part of it all. Really helps to spur you on when you read replies to your posts! My first weigh in is tomorrow, and I haven't weighed myself at all so far so I'm really hoping for a nice suprise when I get weighed!

Thanks everyone! x
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I tend to boil the kettle measure out my water then let it sit for a while or add a dash of cold water so its not "boiling" but still hot enough so soups are stomachable. :) well done for doing so well and hope you get a good result for tomorrow :D
I make my shakes and soups hot. I use 12/14ozs of water(4ozs cold first and 8/10ozs hot in a beaker, then add pack). Works for me :) If you like yours hotter just put less cold in :)
I too make them hotter than they probably should be...
i turn the kettle off just before it boils and make my soups and hot shakes that way.
luke warm is yak!

Yeh I agree - luke warm is NOT nice! I'm quite hungry today, do you think that mean I'm not in ketosis yet? :(

Thanks everyone


Slimming down the aisle
Why can't you use boiling water?


It starts to destroy thr vits and minerals in the packs.

I have one of those 3 second kettles, and it has water out at 80 degrees, perfect for coffee and CD packs!
Hi Liz
I am on Day 5 too! I totally agree about the lukewarm soup thing - I'll be trying some of the great tips above.
Ellie x
I'm on day 5 - feeling less hungry now but my tummy is really gurgly (not in a hungry way - more in a diarrhea way, sorry if tmi!) I've read it may be due to either too much water in one go, or needing to dilute the packs a little more. Has anyone experienced this?



Slimming down the aisle
I do as well, but still gets cold quickly after a blitz in the blender!


Skinny girl in a fat body
I could not drink warm soup. I boil the kettle for my soups and make it boiling, and I make a hot chocolate or vanilla by switching the kettle off just before it reaches boil. It has been ok for me.

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