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getting to know you and me...


is a naughty girl...
I just thought it would be nice to get to know each other a little better. If you aren't happy with telling any personal information at all make something up, but make it funny ;) when I go out and people ask what I do for a living I tell them I right 'NICE' on the biscuits. Anyway below is all tru about me...

I am 25 and that scares me, I work from home for a Belgium based company which I enjoy as it is such a challenge. I am one of 6 children, Christmas is a nightmare - we range from 20-42!! I am one of these people that is always called confident and I don't agree with it. If I had one wish it would be to be happy ever day for the rest of my life. That said I am a very happy person and not one of these happy people that hide behind the smile (what a cliche a happy fat person ;) I auditioned for Big brother a few years ago and got down to the last 200, I have also pinched HRH Prince Harrys bum! ;)
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I'm 37 and single and yes .. I have 2 cats!! (Bonnie & Clyde). I'm the middle of 3 kids and carry the middle child chip on my shoulder :p I'm a specialist nurse (in occupational health) and also work from home (in Ireland) but for a UK company which can be a bit isolating at times so part of my CD journey is joining groups to build up my social network (I moved to a new town when I moved back from the UK last year). I'm currently on a leave of absence from work so I can sort some stuff out and hope to go back in February all going well :D

My aims for next year:
- run a 10K for St Lukes Hospital in Dublin (a cancer hospital funded mostly by donations where both my parents were looked after before they died).
- focus on quality of life and life outside work (I've been a bit of a workaholic in the past).
- work on putting myself out there and working at all my relationships (friends, family etc) as I've allowed my weight to isolate me a bit.
Hi I am 46 and am the eldest of 2 children. I have 10 of my own children, 5 boys and 5 girls... I have a tortoise, crab, 5 cats and 3 dogs.... I dont really work but I do sell Stampin' Up! (google it to see what it is) and love making and selling my cards, I am a really crafty person. I also like photography and scrapbooking. I am back here for the 2nd time, last year I lost nearly 5 stone on CD but managed to put nearly 3 stone back on so am here to lose as much as I can before Christmas.
I'm Nicki, 35 and married with 2 children 2 and 13 :) I am the youngest of two - unfortunately my brother who was in the army died of CJD :( not a good time. I have been happily married for 3 years and my family are my life. My hubby is in the Navy and away a lot but I run my own business as a stationery designer for weddings/christenings/birthdays etc plus handmade cards etc. Its doing really well and I'm really proud of it. I have been bigger all my life apart from my wedding day but that didn't last long due to pregnancy. I am finally going to be the slim person I am meant to be. Ooh this is like an AA meeting lol

Thanks girls.... that photo was taken a year ago when I got to goal on CD last time.... so I was 45 then.... lol
you look about 30 !!!!!
I am 33 , I have 2 girls , Elena is 4 and abigail is 16 months . I got married in august and my hubbys name is Guy . He is an IT consultant type thing .. not too sure and up until a month ago he worked away monday to friday .. so I am now trying to get used to him taking up the room in my bed ( and stinking it out !!)
I work as a staff nurse 2 days a week , and although I love the patient care of my job I hate what the profession has become and when the kids are at school I wil lthink about retraining in social work or health visiting .
I used to ride horses a lot , even worked on a showjumping yard for a while , but then I piut too much weight on , and no horse can carry 19 stone !!! so a big incentive is to ride again , which I hope to start after xmas :)

I have been overweight since I was about 9 ., averaging about 15 stone , then after the kids I went up to 19 stone ... then my 3 yr old took a photo of me that shocked the hell out of me ( its in my profile album :eek: ) and it made me start this journey ...I did CD for 5 months at the end of last yr and am now back to loose the last few stone :)

I have always hidden behind my blubber .. it kept me safe and i am finding it strange to be a 'normal ' size , loving it in some ways .. but just taking some getting used to !!!

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I am 20 and live with my boyfriend who is in his last year at university. I work for a gigantic maintenance company just around the corner from my little house :) I'm originally from Sheffield but moved to Leeds in may this year!
I'm the youngest of 4 and I have a lovely little niece and another niece due early next year :D
Me and the other half are footy fans and support Newcastle (he's a Geordie boy, nice accent haha) and we often go up for the match at the weekend.
I like to shop till I drop and don't really do much else haha.


Slowly but surely x
no way are you 46 and no way have you got ten children??!!! FANTASTIC!


Slowly but surely x
My name is Kirsty and Im 39. Im mum to my darling Ellie who is 15 and has a multitude of problems which breaks my heart. She is, fortunately coherent, has manners and has common sense but other than her eating and physical problems - she is a star. Im married to Mark and we live in Greater Manchester.

Im a graphic designer and pro photographer and work in the crafts industry. I work for Crafts Beautiful and The Scrapbook Magazine plus I demonstrate on Create and Craft television. Im a scrapbooker too! My work takes me all over the country (and the USA and Europe from time to time). I work from home and I was a carb-a-holic.

Ive been a yoyo Atkins girl for years and i know this diet works for me but I wanted to go back to CD to get the weight off for my 40th birthday. I have promised that once im down to 10 stones (ideally 9) I will maintain. My weight has been 15 stones down to 11 over the years......and Im sick of it. Sick of covering up in the summer with enormous swollen ankles, wearing jackets and cardies to hide my bum on hot days, never exposing my arms or legs in shorts or skirts. Its been a very depressing 15 years (since I was proper slim).

I love mini's, its so motivating watching all my friends fat drip away before me. I love all the girls here - all with different stories and weight goals and its so interesting to see how it all works.

If ever I could do anything for you, you just let me know :)
Im a graphic designer and pro photographer and work in the crafts industry. I work for Crafts Beautiful and The Scrapbook Magazine plus I demonstrate on Create and Craft television. Im a scrapbooker too! My work takes me all over the country (and the USA and Europe from time to time). I work from home and I was a carb-a-holic.
ooooh I watch create and craft all the time :) :) Do you know Hayley on there at all ? she lives by me and runs our local craft shop xx

I am in awe of you - crafting is my passion xx


My husband = My hero
Hi guys!

I made one of these and never found it again!!

Anyway, my names Lauren, I'm 22 with a beautiful 9 month old girl (who currently has german measles :( ) and a wonderful husband who I have been married to a year this month!

He's in the army and currently in Afghanistan and will be for the next 5 months! So my anniversary will be spent alone with a shake!!

I moved from Liverpool to Windsor in march of this year into married quarters and Havnt looked back!

I worked for a major criminal solicitors in Liverpool before my mat leave started and due to our move didn't go back, I'm currently being lissys mummy and will return to work when Peter comes home!!

I love life, and wouldn't change any aspect other than my weight - which I'm well into fixing!

I never thought an ordinary person could be so lucky in life, but I'm living proof!



Slowly but surely x
ooooh I watch create and craft all the time :) :) Do you know Hayley on there at all ? she lives by me and runs our local craft shop xx

I am in awe of you - crafting is my passion xx
I know Hayley....well, seen her at the studios.
I went on between march and august with my own product...I made CD's for crafting. It might twig that know me but, my god, I dont expect you too!


please try again
hey there im claire im 28 ( thou i feel 82 right about now ) and im mum to ruqayyah, my little miracle. she was born in bad curcumstances when i was 25 weeks pregnant and is disabled as a result ( cp, autism, lung disease, peg fed ) but shes stubborn and such a sweety.
ive been big since i hit puberty, i have pcos and the docs like to withold my meds
im an nneb nursery nurse thou ive not worked since i went into labour ( acctually at work while parent handed over thier babys to me to take care of lol )

i love to hike, dance and swim ( all of which are off the cards right now, i have a bad cervical prolapse which according to the doc has been caused by my weight, constipation and the fact ive been carrying kaya around for 5 and a half years insted of using her whelchair, whoops )

i need to behave myself on cambridge and get to goal because i need this surgery. with the way things are currently i wouldnt be able to have another child and im so damn broody


Slowly but surely x
my daughter is in a wheelchair, she calls it her chariot! Honest, she does!
Hiya, it's so nice to read about everyone's lives and situations.
My name is Teresa (Tess to my my friends) and I'm 32 years old. I was born and raised in South Africa and used to be super skinny whilst still at school. :rolleyes: I've been in the UK for 7 years now and am married to my South African hubby Theunis, for 7 years. We have a beautiful and very mischievous daughter called Jessica. She will be 3 years old in January.
I work long hours and hectic shifts to try and keep our family afloat, as my hubby was unemployed for a few months due to an injury. I am a supervisor for a well-known company, and monitor fire alarms, intruder alarms,amongst many other things.
I am sick of feeling fat and ugly and I want to lose weight so I can love me again, and I want my hubby to be proud of me and my daughter to see me as a role model.
Sorry to have rambled on. Thanks for reading. :)
Hello I am Charley, I am 35, married to Neil since 2005 altho we got together almost 13 years ago. We have 2 girls Sophie almost 11 and Chloe 6 and a half, who are just wonderful :)

We live in Whitburn, near Sunderland in the north east where it is always cold!

Both hubby and I work for the Legal Services Commission, dealing with legal aid applications on both a merits and means basis. I have been there 4 years and previously I was a hotel receptionist for 14 years!

I started to gain weight when I was about 21 and have battled ever since, highest weight was 17 stone in May 2004 and lowest was 11 stone in September 2009.....I am a bit of a yoyo!

I have a sister who has 2 children and is expecting her third and she is just fab, as are my niece and nephew.

Most of my family have moved away from the area, but I do have a wonderful mum and dad in law nearby who are fantastic !

I love swimming and wiifit and I like playing games, doing puzzles and crosswords and watching documentaries or real life programmes. I am an X Factor, I'm A Celeb, Dancing On Ice...etc etc ADDICT ! The only thing I don't watch is Strictly, because I can't abide Brucey!

It's so interesting to hear about everyone !
my daughter is in a wheelchair, she calls it her chariot! Honest, she does!

My friend Mary had one for "going out" that she called her "disco chair". It had iridescent paint on it. When she was drunk she used to say it was perfect height for sticking her hand between a guys legs and cop a feel!:eek: Then when the bloke would turn around and see a girl in a wheelchair they'd presume it couldn't be her!!! She'd be sitting there like butter wouldn't melt. On the way down to the taxi rank on the pedestrianised streeet if she saw a bloke she knew she'd meander over towards him pretending to be looking in a shop window and then "fall" out of her chair so they would "rescue" her! She had it down to a fine art, cheeky cow! :D