ggggrrraaah! Need to Vent! (Off Topic)


Morning all, damn cold here today :( and my day has been crap so far.

Had a panicked call from one of the reception staff at 7.30am saying "help! the server is down, we can't print todays registers etc etc" (for those who don't know I'm the school's ICT/Network Manager) so even though I'm not due in until 8.45am I rush down here to help out, only to find that the stupid c0w has plugged a USB light-up mini Xmas tree into the back of her PC, and in doing so removed her network cable as "it got in the way when I was trying to plug my tree in...... didn't think it mattered....."

So it was barely 8am and I'd already had a) the most stupid and irritating helpdesk call of my life so far, and b) the biggest "go" at someone I've ever had (and I'm fully expecting a formal complaint to be made in my direction for some of my phrases such as "the PC doesn't belong to you, it's the schools, you've no business sticking any of your personal little Xmas crap into it, and in future, leave the wiring the hell alone!!!!" )

I'm not usually a rude person but by God she's make me angry this morning :mad: )

Then I'm called to fix the photocopier, and while I have my hands inside the machine some TA trys to use it (thankfully I always power it off first) then says "oh, its not on" to me, WHILE MY HANDS ARE STILL INSIDE THE FRICKING THING.

20 minutes after that, I'm sat back here, the Deputy Head walks in, asks me something, walks back out and TURNS OFF MY OFFICE LIGHTS AS SHE LEAVES. Now why the HELL would you do that? God I was fuming by this point!!!!!

To top that off my colleague isn't here *again*, so once again I'm stuck doing the work of two people, plus all the other crap I have to put up with around this place.

Speaking of which, here's some of my "Choice Picks" for things I've been asked to do this year;

  • I was asked "as X (the site agent) is at his other school for the afternoon, could you unblock one of the boy's toilets? they've put paper towels down it......" HELL NO.
  • Do you know how to put up shelving? Yes, but I'm not insured for work puposes!
  • My car won't start, will you take a look? I know sod-all about cars! "But.... you're a guy?" was the response.
  • In the middle of me trying to fix the photocopier (so half-inside the thing, covered in inky blotches, paper everywhere etc.) a TA walks over and says "X needs something printing, can you do it for her?" No words to describe this one, just pure idiocy.
And my absolute number 1 dumbass-of-the-year award goes to the teacher who came into my office and said;

"I have a new pupil coming into my class. He doesn't speak much english, so can you please translate these worksheets into Chinese for nest Monday?"

When I asked her what made her think I knew Chinese she just said "You're good with computers, make the computer do it"

*slaps forehead*

Ahhh, feeling better now.
And Awwwww, just as I finsihed typing this, one of the pupils came in and has given me a christmas card that reads

"TO Mr Computer Guy, Thank You for fixing our teachers laptop so much this year, you help us to learn. Merry Christmas"

I think my heart just melted a little :wave_cry:
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Oh Pete I am sorry but your post made me giggle:8855:, I am useless at computers.:sigh:

It made me remember why I have missed this site sooooo much.

She was a silly cOW anyway.:)
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:)Hey....rant a rama! being a high school teacher I totally know the traumas and stupidity of some staff...the kids seem to have more sense than some of them. I think being an IT/guy people will see you as Mr Fix It:sigh:, I guess take it as a compliment through the fumes and fire breathing! (patience can be hard to find in schools at times, esp. when they're so tech-generated! Classic re Chinese:rolleyes:.....the card you got will have hopefully put a smile on your face!

Take care, and I enjoyed reading your vent...:8855:


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LOL Pete!! Sorry to giggle, but that was hilarious!! I can see the steam coming out of your ears as we speak!

I had a horrible day yesterday - I swear it was a full moon or something - and was highly, highly stressed for the first time since starting LL. Now, pre LL I'd have run to the shop and take away and binged all night on all sorts of goodies and wine, instead I had my food pack and cup of black coffee, all topped off with a glass of water, and realised that I still got through the night in one piece, and also felt so much calmer this morning instead of hungover/sick!!

Hope it gets better - and that woman really is a doofuss!!! (Is that a word that anyone uses these days??!!) I was fuming yesterday, as I got in to work to someone else's job piled on my desk "because the printer packed up" on Friday and she wasn't in on Monday. Well, I walked to it, turned it off and back on again, and guess what, yes, it worked fine!!! I hate that people just won't make an effort to think things through and try and fix things themselves before giving up and passing the buck because it's easier!!!


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Please please please do me a favour, and next time you are in a good mood, re-read that post to yourself and hopefully it will make you giggle as much as it made me giggle!!

I am a big fan of stupid things to say! And I do understand that you got very angry, trust me I used to run a pub and had a bunch of little blonde 16 years olds working for me! But you must see the funny side, and how cute is that card!!

I also hate to admit, at my last job I did ask the IT man to translate this German document into English. I knew more German than him, but I told him he was a computer genius and I was sure him and his computer could sort something out!! He ended up sending it to our head office in germany. By EMAIL, which was using the computer, and the scanner. So I was almost right!!

B x

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Oh dear! I work as an IT consultant, and therefore everyone thinks that because I 'work with computers' I can fix them....yes most of the time but it isn't actually what I want to with my weekends thanks all the same......but I have been very tempted to ask people if they still have all the boxes the computer in, tell them to put in back in the box, take it back to the shop and ask for a refund!:8855:

I did work with a young lady once whose laptop just stopped working, she lost loads of important work...rant..rant... rant.....I was sick of listening to her go on and on and on to the person on the help desk, so I got up, went over and switched the socket on at the wall on (yes she had been running on her battery and it had run out of power:rolleyes:)...and told her to apologies to the person on the phone and shut the hell up! she didn't last much longer then that.....


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Great rant Pete :) Do you get many calls asking where the "any" key is ?? lol


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Your post was so so funny, sorry, you probably didn't mean it to be and sorry for laughing at you having such a bad day, but it was so very funny!

Hope you have a better day tomorrow and manage to catch up on some sleep LOL!

Louale x


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Sorry Pete I had to laugh too!!! You don't 'alf get 'em where you work lol!
We've employed some people like you have described and it aint funny when your trying to run a business.