gillys diary..sore tummy


want to be me again ...
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Dont know if its just getting back on the diet but i am having big probs with my tummy ...I have severe IBS anyway so maybe its just the change of food ...but its so bad specially at night time ...looking forward to getting into my old routine tomorrow ....
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Is so very nearly there!
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This needs to go in the normal diaries part where we can talk to you :)

Go bed and wake up feeling better and refreshed...

We here for you as much as you are us :)

Ask a mod to move this to other bit and ramble so we know where you are :


wants a new body
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oh i hope you feel better soon hun i got mild IBS and that is bad enough, i still have to be very careful what i eat otherwise i know about it there is a lot of stuff i adore but have to seriously limit ie garlic!

how's the flu i had it over xmas! its took a while to shake it too

get some rest x