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Gingerjinja's diary of awesomeness

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by gingerninja, 5 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. gingerninja

    gingerninja Member

    So here we are, with me starting my first day on Slim & Save. I weighed in this morning at 16st 6lbs (230lbs). My goal is to lose 6 stone (84 lbs) maybe even a little more to get me to a place that when I refeed, I can manage a little gain.

    I was very good in the lead up to starting this plan and haven't binged especially. Okay so I had one very large glass of exceedingly nice red wine last night, but that was it really. Mostly, i've been eating whole foods and mucho fruit and veg this past fortnight.

    I am doing the Simplicity Plan. x 4 packs a day, 3 litres of water, 150ml of skimmed milk and 200g of allowed veg.

    I went to bed early last nigh (10 pm is early for me) and woke up feeling better for it. I've had herbal (redbush) tea and a chocolate shake for breakfast. Ordinarily, I would have had 2 -3 cups of fresh coffee and a few huge cups of Yorkshire tea, so it's a big change to be without caffeine for a 3-4 days!

    If i'm going to do this plan for 6 months, I'm going to do it properly though!

    I am in such a great mood today, I feel so excited for the future and to be starting a plan that will finally see me shift my last lot of baby weight! I just know that this is going to have a really positive effect on my pain levels and back problems. :)
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  3. Mrsfeeneytobe

    Mrsfeeneytobe Silver Member

    Welcome aboard...here to follow and wish you luck xx
  4. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. Hope first day went well. Brave to do the caffeine too. Never quite manage it although I believe it can make the journey into ketosis quicker. I have cut down the caffeine in the day with the help of huge mugs of red bush

    Have a brilliant day 2
  5. pripri121

    pripri121 Gold Member

    Hey welcome hun on the wagon hehe will b folllowing hope u have a great day hun :) woop woopp herez to ketosis coming sooon xx
  6. gingerninja

    gingerninja Member

    I love redbush! and have replaced most of my usual caffeine drinks with redbush. Yummy yum. I did end up relenting and having two cups of tea both today and yesterday though. Still a lot less than my usual caffeine fix but not total abstinence.

    I managed to stick completely on plan for the first day. But today I had a teeny bit of chicken breast in addition to the 4 S&S meals. I knew day 2 would be the worst but honestly, I don't know how I quite got through it with the kids! My hubs was great and kept them busy but I was a total mess of zombie, dizzy, grumpy, brain fail weirdness! I am hoping that the, maybe, 50g of chicken will not be any great problem. I was just about to gnaw my own arm off so I figured a little non-cannibal lean protein was preferable ;-)

    This evening, I am feeling slightly better so am wondering if I may even be heading into ketosis already. I have ketostix so will test tomorrow morning.
    Last edited: 7 March 2014
  7. gingerninja

    gingerninja Member

    Woo! I just tested with ketostix i'm definitely in ketosis!! Woo! (and phew!)

    I know you're not supposed to but I am weighing myself daily this week. I wanted to see at which point I went into ketosis and how much of my first weeks weight loss (roughly) was water. I lost 1 1/2 lbs the first day and 3lbs the second day.

    I figure, most of what I lose the rest of the week will be fat!! BEGONE EXCESS FAT, BEGONE!!
    Last edited: 7 March 2014
  8. gingerninja

    gingerninja Member

    I weighed this morning again and guess what? Another 3lbs lost! Taking me just under 16 stone! Woo! 15 stone 13. 9lbs in 5 days and 6lbs in 3 days on S&S!!

    I have ordered some of those weird zero noodles type products to try and fill me up a bit more because sometimes the evening meal looks very sad!

    I am continuing to stave off hunger by drinking miso soup (Japanese fermented soya bean bouillon) with a few torn up leaves of fresh spinach and pinch of beansprouts, which gets me through worst pangs.
  9. gingerninja

    gingerninja Member

    I have been 95% on plan. Not coming out of ketosis or anything, but adding more low carb veg (than the 200g) and adding up to 100g of protein in addition to the 4 packs if I feel hungry and fluids have not helped. It probably adds to about 100 extra calories.

    I have been reading all conceivable studies, reports and stories on VLCD and after my appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon this morning, am even more concerned about muscle loss. I need to lose weight and rehabilitate my muscles in equal measure. Both are important for me long term. Part of the complication of my back problems is that my joints and ligaments are more flexible than the average person, so without muscle to hold my skeleton in place, I am at much greater risk.

    I've been advised to do some weight bearing exercise and core strengthening to aid my recovery, but all that will be in vain with such tiny protein levels in Slim & Save so I think i'm going to have to modify it ever so slightly. I am also needing to up my veg allowance to combat some of the constipation effects of my pain medication.

    Hopefully, this won't negate my weight loss efforts too much!
  10. gingerninja

    gingerninja Member

    10lbs lost woo hoo!
  11. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    That's fantastic. Really pleased for you.
  12. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    Hi, just stopping by to subscribe. I see we have also started at the exact same weight

    That's brilliant well done!
  13. gingerninja

    gingerninja Member

    Well, i've now lost 16lbs and down to 15stone 7 in 15 days!!! And it's my TOM so i'm puffyl and holding on to extra water!!!!!!!

    I'm finding the plan real easy to stick to. I don't like the food all that much, compared to my home cooking, but it's just so amazing to finally losing weight after trying so hard for so long and not seeing any results! I've also upped my pilates and yoga rehab work and can now plank twice a day for 90 secs! It doesn't sound like much but it's good for me!!!
  14. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    That's fantastic. Your goal must seem really possible now.

    Well done on the exercise too. I only do yoga once a week but I noticed today that somewhere beneath the flabbiness were well defined arms. It doesn't take a lot of the right kind of toning.

    Well done and keep us updated!

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