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girlie question...amenorrhoea...

Anyone else's periods stopped or is it just me???

It's freaking me right out, have always been regular as clockwork till now, and am soooo paranoid have just done another pregnancy test to make sure it's not that! It's getting expensive!

It's going to be a while till I can see my gp; has anyone else had this on CD? I'm putting it down to rapid weight loss, but would just like some reasurance.

Thanks girlies!
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Loving the Cambridge Diet
It is very common on a VLCD!

For me I have been -

4 days early
4 days early
13 days late
11 days early
bang on time this month

Could literally set my clock to them before!

If you have a look on the Cambridge website on the FAQ's it does mention the menstrual cycle being interrupted for some folks.

Obviously if you are concerned do go and have a chat with your GP.
I'm 26. I need to stop worrying about it, I know! I'm going to hang on a bit now till after Christmas and if still nothing then try to get to my GP.


Loving the Cambridge Diet
This is from the Cambridge Website -

Does the ‘Sole Source’ programme affect the menstrual cycle?

Hormone levels fluctuate when there are changes in weight – particularly in women. For most, the menstrual cycle is not affected, but some women experience increased activity and breakthrough bleeding may occur. Others may find that their periods stop for a while. Once target weight is reached and weight loss ceases, the metabolic rate will adjust to a new level appropriate to the new weight, and the hormones will settle down and find their own pattern again.
Apparently, it is quite common (even without being on a diet) according to my GP. He said they only get worried if the disappear for a sustained periods of time (he suggested 6 months) or if there are other things amiss.

Mine stopped for about 11 weeks about a year ago and I knew I wasn't pregnant as OH had been working nights! I annoyed my doctor by booking lots of appointments as I was so concerned though.

As soon as they turned up again though, I realised I quite liked the break!! :rolleyes:
Yep, mine stopped for a while, and came back, then stopped again. When I reached goal and started eating I didn't have one for a while...which ended in a positive pregnancy test in 2nd January!!! So dont worry, it doesn't affect your fertility at all, in fact, for me, who had trouble conceiving when I was overweight, it cured my unexplained subfertility!
Yes I have had that problem before. I was recommended Primrose Oil tablets from your local Natural Health Store, take 2 to start with and 1 every day.....I did that for about 10 days, and yes my period returned to normal.
:sigh: wish mine would stop !!! more than likely the diet , i remember reading loads of threads on strange cycles , early , late , non existant !! enjoy the break, im sure they will be back before you know it ;).
Mine stopped for 6mths while on LL only came back 5mths after reintroducing food.

I worried but now I wish they hadnt come back as I forgot how much I dislike them, the bloated feeling and the cramps! :sigh:


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