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Give me a kicking please.

Until the past few days I've not really found this diet hard.

I've lost 32lbs in 6 weeks which I'm thrilled about, then on Sat my period hit and all I can think about is food. All food. Any food. I want it. I NEED it.

On top of the TOTM thing, I'm also exhausted, I started a new job last week but am still finishing off contracted work for a couple of my old freelance clients as well as my own three horses and walking the dogs, and the housework and, and, and... It's all too much :cry:

Plus my birthday is coming up, some of you may remember I managed a weekend away at a family wedding a while back and stayed 100%. The way I feel at the moment I won't survive my birthday in the same manner.

I'm on the verge of giving up. I so, so want to get to goal but I just can't see it happening now. I have an awful feeling I'm going to crack and end up piling all the weight (and more) back on overnight. HELP

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Clep ! you have lost 32lbs in 6 weeks ! Dont quit when you are so close! You have less to lose than you have lost, this feeling will pass, if you are ever going to stop LT it should be when you have made a calm decision and you feel settled and in control not when you upset and craving. Please dont give up you can do this !! xx
Hi babe, I'm having one of those days too, except it's also been going on for several rather than just the one! I won't bore you or anyone else with all the details but suffice to say I'm trying to tell myself that however shitty and sorry for myself I feel tonight is nothing like I'm going to feel if I devour that pack of Parma ham in the fridge that has my name on it.......breaking the diet is not, I repeat, is not going to make you feel better, so pull yourself together woman! You're over half way there!
Come on Clep.... Please don't give up now! I look at your posts as great inspiration for a newbie like me...

You CAN do it, cos you HAVE done it.. Just a little bit further and you will be there.. You have done the hardest part, and are over halfway there...

We are all willing you to carry on Clep x x
Don't you bloody DARE give in now, woman!! Agree with the others, if you decide to give in, don't make that decision when you're hormonal and craving. Set yourself a limit of a week - or even 5 days now (ie next weigh in!) to let TOTM pass and make a rational decision. Your birthday is almost a month away - you could be in the 11-stones by then!!

I sympathise with the being knackered and a new job combination. I would have SO done with an easy weekend first weekend of the new job and then had even less sleep than on a normal busy weekend!! It'll all get better. xx
Oh no not you too Clep! Firstly, well done for posting thats what we are here for. I have been finding it really hard some days, also coincided with totm. I felt for days that i had to refeed but didnt do it because in my heart of hearts I know this is my one chance to reach goal and if I stop it will be over. There is a point honestly...i'm through it and have had a great day and I know i'll be fine for days now. I remember the wedding. It was impressive so if you can get through being bridesmaid at a big wedding weekend, then you can get through one poxy birthday and celebrate it with non food treats and have your meal at a later date. Come on Cleo, us seasoned lipotrimmers need to stick out the bad times together. xx
No Cleo, don't do it! :eek:

This is a few bad days. You have the rest of your life ahead to eat whatever you want. You're doing brilliantly on the diet. In another few weeks you'll have another stone off.

Get yourself into bed or the bath. Right now. Get a large hot drink of your choice. No way are you wrecking this diet on a whim lady - you'll feel **** tomorrow.

*kick, kick, sooo kicking your ass*
Oops, they won't let me say sh1t! :p


Getting married in July!!
Hiya!!! First of all... Big kick up the behind for you! And secondly oh my god u r doing soooooooo fantastic!!!!! You r going through a tough time right now! Iv been there too and trust me when u get through it u will be so glad u stayed on lipotrim. Coming off will only make u feel worse.. U will still b on ur period, hav new job, d horses etc except you'll eat and feel bad and eat more and put on weight and feel totally **** ( we've al been there havent we). You deserve more than that after investing six weeks of ur life doing this!!! Imagine how good u'll feel on your birthday!!! If its a month away as someone said, you'll hav at least a stone gone. At your rate prob more cos u hav great weight losses!!! U could buy yourself something georgus to wear and feel like a million dollors!!!! Imagine how thatd feel?!? Much better than food me thinks. Maybe to chear yourself up you could go shopping one of these days and buy something lovely in the next size down and hang it up in your room to motivate you every day untill you get there.

If you are strong enough to get through being a bridesmaid on trf ( which by my books is very strong!) then you are strong enough to get through this!!!!!! Trust me eating is not the answer. It wont make you feel better in the long run and prob wont even make you feel better in the short term!! In a few weeks when your at your goal weight and full of pride you'll look back and hardly believe how hard these few days were. I know thats hard to picture now but you really wont! I had a time in week two when i was just like you and now i look back im id be so upset if id given in to it cos i realise now that food wouldnt have fixed the situation, it was just that i was used to using it as a cruch when things were hard.

You have been lucky that the first six weeks havnt been hard for you because it is a hard diet, but the good thing about it is its only hard for a few days at a time and then its back to normal and another weigh in with gaurinteed losses!! I think u r so strong and brave to have gotten this far and i know u can keep going!!!! Just come on and vent here and you'll feel better soon. Your doing amazingly and ill bet when you see the difference in yourself or your clothes in the mirror you feel amazing too so stick at it !!!!

Lots of love and wishing u all the best. Keep us posted. Xxxx


I will never give up
hi clep your doing so well hun please do not do it im on day 31 but on friday and saturday i gave in and ate so im basically on day 3 again having to go through the hard work of getting into ketosis again too and was it worth it? definately not i was up all nite saturday feeling sick, bad belly cramps etc so what a waste. not only that the guilt you get from giving in it really isnt worth it. why dont you try making a shake into a mousse or brownie if you really need to eat. please keep going it wont be long have an extra cuppa and make yourself busy hun
stay strong... i came off and regret it so much, i gave in to all my old habits and now im back on day 1 of TFR and regret it so much.... dredge up that will power from somewhere and dont be like me!! xx
Thinking of non-food treats, is there anything you fancy doing on your birthday weekend? I think I may already be booked on the actual evening :s but why don't we do something on Sat and/or Sun - something with the ponies on Sunday maybe (C. Park?) and maybe some skinny ***** shopping in good old Matalan on the Sat? Freestyle Sat night?!
My. God. You lot are amazing.

If I'm totally honest, I still fel pretty weak and was wondering what the point to all this is (although I have managed to resist breaking so far), then I come on here for the first time since last night and see all the fabuouls inspirational posts and support and I'm feeling much more positive and driven. Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to reply to me. xxx

Thinking of non-food treats, is there anything you fancy doing on your birthday weekend? I think I may already be booked on the actual evening :s but why don't we do something on Sat and/or Sun - something with the ponies on Sunday maybe (C. Park?) and maybe some skinny ***** shopping in good old Matalan on the Sat? Freestyle Sat night?!
Now you're talking! I was thinking how much I'd love to go for a meal then to the conema for the Bd, but what you suggest sounds SO much better! Do you know of any freestyles that weekend? Do you think I could bully L into dancing with me a bit despite being SO rusty it's not funny? Thanks Bren, I needed that. xx

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