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Give red a go?

Fifi 1984

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Need a little advice - I'm really not doing too well on SW at all, I don't think SW itself is the problem, I just think that I've become complacent with the whole thing. I'm a big fan of carbs so a diet of potatoes, pasta, rice, beans and pulses has been heaven to me but having been doing this for just over a year I've still not even lost my 1st stone...not great. I'm not that big but should have lost a stone by now at least! Have friends that go on crash diets and basically do the ususal of cutting out all carbs and they do end up looking great, maybe it's time I started to adopt this attitude to weight loss slightly? I don't seem to be getting anywhere with what I'm eating and find there's too much room for me to 'cheat' and 'adjust' things. Been reading up on this new diet - the Dukan diet from France, basically for 5 - 7 days you go on an 'attack' stage of the diet where you only eat low fat protein (unlike Atkins full fat stuff) - so meat, fish, eggs, low fat milk, cottage cheese and then after loosing a bundle of weight reintroduce veg, thinking that clearly this stuff works for a whole lot of people (1.5 million women in France) so should I give this a go? think I'd still need my fruit and veg but do you think a hardcore week of original days could work to help kickstart my losses again? Here's an article on the diet...
The Dukan Diet: Put your fat cells on a revolutionary weight-loss plan | Mail Online

I need to do something!:(
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Hi fifi,

It's like I wrote that, lol. I play around with green/extra easy and it's too easy to eat things like pasta n sauce, savoury rice etc, which isn't all that good for you in large amounts. I'm going to do a week of red days next week and see how I get on! I think your body gets used to what you eat so by changing it you'll almost definitely see a result! My mum can't do green or EE cos her body holds onto carbs, so she finds red gives her better losses.

As for the other diet, it's up to you really! I would give red a go and see how you do first though, maybe only have one EE or green day a week, so you don't get bored of red. Good luck with whatever you choose :)


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That Dukan diet sounds pretty much like a red day, only you can have some Weetabix for breakfast and maybe a bit of cheese on toast for supper.

Why don't you just do red instead?


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I still think that EE is the way to go.
What you really need to do is the 1/3 superfree, and have at least 1/3 protein and only 1/3 carb. I think piling your plate with carb, even though it is free, could possibly hinder weight loss!
Also, avoid too much carb when eating free foods as snacks.
That's just my advice and may not work for all.

Mrs V

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I do red practically all the time with the occasional Green/EE day thrown in.

Have a look at my food diary to give you some ideas.


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i would also give red a go, i prefer red days because not only do i feel i lose better doing it, but im not so bloated either. give it a go, you have nothing to lose (except lbs!)

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