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Giving up the gym

Afternoon all,

I have just cancelled my gym membership as I dont enjoy it anymore and I cant overly afford it.

Has anyone else cancelled their gym membership and it's affected your weight loss? Im scared that now im not going to the gym anymore my weight loss is going to stop or slow right down.

Are there any 'at-home' exercise tips that people do? Getting a Wii in August for my birthday so not too long to wait!

Thanks all :)
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hey Huni...dont worry about giving up the gym...walk as much as you can, bike, swim, dance..and of course the Wii when you get it! Lol
You will not gain weight just becasue you have stopped exercising, but make sure that you dont go from being really energetic to doing absolutely nothing as this wouldnt be good for you anyway.
You will love your wii! That's my form of exercise and I love it. Didn't do any last week as I had a poorly 2yr old and then I was ill the remainder of the week. x
Get EA Active for your Wii, it's about £35 (I guess about the cost of 1 month gym membership), it gives you a proper workout and is like having your own personal trainer. Other than that get some workout DVD's and jump round your living to them. x
Also live in a top floor flat, there is only 1 or 2 bits that you need to jump to on the ea active. Havent had any compaints from neighbours below (yet!). Dont worry,see how you get on without the gym before you start to panic too much.
Welcome to the non-gym club :D I gave up mine in January and it's fine. I run and walk in my local park, swim at the council pool now and again, get my bike out, use my Wii Fit and Wii Active occasionally not as much as I should) and do sit ups and bicep/tricep stuff in the ad breaks when I'm watching telly !LOL!

It's nice being free of the gym to be honest. I like being free from the guilt of paying for something I don't really use enough, and I don't feel too bad if I don't go!

I am sure you will do smashingly well :D


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I must admit I don't miss the gym much! And getting up early to fit it in !I'm doing the Wii and I'm using it more and for longer than I did going to the gym and I'm saving petrol!


A moaning old boot!!!!
I cancelled the thought of having a gym membership, does that count??? I could never afford a gym membership so I just do all my stuff at home. My OH bought me the new Biggest Loser workout DVD so I cant wait to get back home from Leicester next week to give it a go!!!! :)
*wave* iv had to give up the gym.. cant afford it and although i loved the feeling once id done it, sometimes the staff would make me feel guilty for not going often enough and it put me off!

I too need something to do at home and am concidering a wii., but untill me & OH move out it would mean being in the 'family' room were the wii is, and most likley used by the kids and eventually broken so im a bit cautious whether to go and invest..

it is one last thing to worry about tho, true!.. dunno what 2 so with myself now tho? x
*Waves* Hello Fern :D
Looks like we are in the same boat here. I have like a arm-pully-exercising-sorta-thing which I do whilst sitting on the sofa to try and tone my bingo wings up a bit and im going to start doing some sit ups at home and make a concious effort not to just sit on the sofa from 5pm - 11pm every night.
*waves back* Hello Fellow non-gymer in boat.

Hmm, thats a good idea.. i also like the idea of a work out dvd, but as i said still living at home finding the time, space and trying not to look like a twat could be difficult. thinking i need to invest in some home work out equipment, maybe that steppy thing that spose to work your ass and thighs, and somthing to work my bingo wings, need to shift them asap.

*gets argos cat out*....xxxx
Ive just taken the washing off the line, will do the washing up later, then strip the bed and then do some arm exercise all after cooking dinner, that will be my exercise for this evening lol x


I can do this............
Dumpy lumpy there must be a way to cancel they cant make you pay if you want to cancel! That is criminal! how do you pay if it is by direct debit i would cancel it or instruct your bank not to let them take any money from you.

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