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  1. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    My Exante 'food' finally came in the post, so I thought I'd start my diary. :)

    Hopefully it will, as well as give me motivation etc, let me remember which things are nice, and which I should never touch again!

    Unfortunatly though, I don't have a start weight yet. I ordered some scales off Amazon with next day delivery, and they've successfully succeeded in loosing them... yay.

    I'm not usually into dieting. I'm one of those people who says you shouldn't be pressured into looking a certain way, love who you are, etc etc. But to be honest, I've been letting myself get greedy, and let's face it being overweight is unhealthy and feels rubbish no matter what your self-esteem is like. ;)

    I used to be average or a little underweight until I met my other half. He knows the way to my heart and has been feeding my up with yummy things to make me happy. I then started baking where I work and the temptation there led me to buying things I'd made! I'd say I'm just over 11 stone right now, but I'm only 5'1 so I don't carry it well. I'd like to loose 2 1/2 - 3 stone, wich is more than I'd want, but it's pretty much a given that once off Exante I'll put on a few pounds again. I don't want to punish myself for that.

    Anyway, I've just had a chocolate orange bar for lunch and it wasn't bad at all! (I'm a fussy eater, but try not to be...) I've ordered almost everything bar a couple of things so I get a nice variety. I even ordered a dreaded mushroom risotto to see how bad it is haha!

    Good luck to everyone else, we can do this! :17729:
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  3. NatsNotFat

    NatsNotFat Full Member

    Hello welcome and happy dieting! Hope you get on well with exante! I'm pretty much just on bars and a few shakes and that suits me well! :)
    I know all about the other half and the feeding so can understand how easy it is to pile on the pounds but at least we are doing sonething about it now eh!
  4. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    Thank you! I thought about getting bars and shakes, but worried that I'd miss having hot meals in the evenings. Glad you know what it's like being fattened up by the OH. I feel bad because I know he means well, but maybe he'll just have to buy me other things instead lol!
  5. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    Well I got my scales and weighed myself. I feel really bad, and very stupid. I found out I weigh quite a bit LESS than what I thought. I feel like being on this forum now is an insult to everyone else...

    I don't know what to do now. I will obviously carry on dieting because I am tubby and do nood to loose weight, but feel stupid complaining on

    ...Someone say something nice please, I feel like an idiot.
  6. Denisesuzanne

    Denisesuzanne Full Member

    Hey don't feel bad everyone on here with a lot to lose wishes that they had started when they were just tubby lol
  7. NatsNotFat

    NatsNotFat Full Member

    This is for weight loss support wether you want to lose 7lbs or 7 stone! Don't feel bad, this is your journey!!
  8. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    Thank you both. :) sorry, I realize that I'm just being a brat about it. I should just shut up, loose the weight and feel better. :)

    On the plus side I tried a pasta carbonara for dinner and it was really nice! Even if it did explode all over the mic...whoops... :p
  9. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    Day 4 and I'm still 100%!

    Last night I tried the curry and barely managed to finish it, it's quite spicy, and the day before that was Thai chicken soup which was...lumpy. So far I'm loving the bars, but the milkshakes are pretty nasty. Glad a bought the shaker so they're lump-free at least.

    No idea if I'm in ketosis or not. I never bought any sticks to test with. I thought I'd just look out for the signs, but so far nothings changed. Today and yesterday I've felt a little weak and 'jelly like' in the mornings, but that's it.

    Yesterday when I was baking cookies at work we had a little left over cookie dough. I normally would of kept and eaten it but I was good, it went straight in the bin! :) resisting temptation is getting difficult though... If only I knew whether I was in ketosis or not I might feel a bit better.
  10. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    Oh, and I just have to say that Exante is affecting my dreams too!

    I dreamt last night that I was eating an ice cream but then suddenly realized that I can't eat it, so I was trying to spit it out in a vain attempt to undo the eating! Gross, but it made me laugh this morning. :)
  11. Denisesuzanne

    Denisesuzanne Full Member

    Lol I have weird food dreams I dreamt I was eating a tin of spam like an apple lol don't even like spam
  12. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll reach your goal in no time x
  13. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Hi GG, weird food dreams a quite common.

    Have you tried the shepherds pie, I could eat that everyday. x
  14. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    Yeah, I'm sure they are. I'm into recalling my dreams/lucid dreaming so I was expecting one to come along. My other dreams have been super bizarre and vivid though, it's strange...

    No I haven't tried the shepherds pie yet, but have one in my box. I'll try it soon but tonight is Chilli since it's the weekend and I'm pretending to have Saturday night junk food!
  15. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Chilli is nice too!!!!
  16. GluttonyGirl!

    GluttonyGirl! Member

    Well I've been having a crappy couple of days. Boooo! :(

    Tested today and sure enough I'm in ketosis. Think I was yesterday too but didn't test. (no sticks then). The only difference I've noticed is that both mornings my hands have reeked of the chocolate milkshake when I haven't been near it which is a bit nasty since I don't like it. Everything else feels the same. No bad breath/taste in my mouth, no fuzziness, no 'high', I'm still hungry, though that doesent bother me to be honest. I just feel like I've gone a bit overkill with this diet and I hate having no control. I don't want to eat giant kebabs or anything, I would be happy with a salad. I just feel like, *gets invisible violin out* like I'm being punished or something and it's annoying me! :( I'm starting to consider toning it down a bit but don't know if I'm just being sensible or trying to wriggle my way out of doing this! Ugh. Thank god Tesco is closed!

  17. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Try to wait a couple of days & then see how you feel. You may have a totally different out look by then. The other option is to try WS instead of TS. That way you will be able to add a meal. That may work out better for you as it will still get you to target fairly quickly.x

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