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I don't always stay at class and frequently just weigh and go but I stayed on Wednesday and I was glad I did. We were told the difference between free food and no-Syn food and how eating more free food rather than no-Syn food can speed up weight loss. Very interesting and made me think more about the foods I am eating. I have re-read my books and have started preparing more of my own meals rather than the packet stuff.

Sometimes staying to class can be a real bore but other times you can get some really great advice and information
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I always stay to class, iv'e picked up loads of things of which i would never have known otherwise.
Our Consultant brings empty wrappers in for us to look at with their Syn values, you can get stuck eating the same things so it gives us a bit more chioce. Some of the members bring in syn free snacks which they have made for a taster.
xxx Loobylou


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I think that sometimes class is underrated and I think some consultants don't do the best for their members. I find that when I stay I usually feel more possitive when I leave even if I have put on that week. It's not just about the consultant though, the other members in my group are great and we all get there early so we can sit around having a chat and swapping tips before class starts
I should stay .


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If ever you are struggling it's a really good idea to stay as other members can give you ideas and recipes that you may never have thought of


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I very rarely miss class recently I missed a few and it was for me a massive mistake. I am lucky because we have a few very funny ladies who stay to group and always give us a giggle with out fail. Plus the fab support and info from everyone in group. On the rare occasion I don't go to group I always muck up during that week for some strange reason.


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I always try and stay to class we have a good discussion about any problems people are faciing, ideas to get you more motivated, it all helps only problem is it it sometimes late when we leave and as most people eat when they get in we are so hungry!!!


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I always take a snack for after WI and before class starts but I never stay to the very end as I have to get home and have dinner before going to karate but I get all the valuable stuff at the start
I stayed for the first two, but thats it, maybes will start staying xxx


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I actually re-read my books this weekend, the first time in 4 years! It's amazing how we have our books in our hands at least once a week but how often do we actually refer back to them? I got a new book in the new year so stuff in it has changed slightly and I found it quite interesting
I've only been going for three weeks (4th week tomorrow) and have stayed to class so far and found it interesting. Fortunately the class meets just at the end of my road so I've got no excuse really lol.

Taz, what's the difference between Free food and No-syn food? I'm confused. I thought if it had no syns it was free anyway? Can you explain or give a couple of examples?

Another thing I'm a bit confused about is quantities. Can you eat as much as you like of free food? I ate myself to a standstill on Saturday as it was one of those days when I just couldn't stop eating, but it was 95% free food so I'm hoping I haven't done too much damage.:D
I like to stay to get ideas from others at the class but my consultant is quite negative so sometimes i dont want to stay just because of that. She says every week (at least 3 or 4 times!) that if you havent lost 1.5 to 2lbs in a week, you are doing something wrong and questions how you can be happy with anything less than this. Personally i'm not looking for a quick fix and I know that anything I loose is a step in the right direction but this can tend to put me off staying. Does anyone else experience anything similar at their class?


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Force Ten - Free foods are the ones listed for the plan in the book like for a green day would be pasta, potatoes etc. Syn-free is things like Super Noodles, Pasta n Sauce, Mullerlights. Basically the free stuff is fresh/raw as opposed to pre-prepared/packaged stuff. I didn't know the difference til last Wednesday! As for quantities, yes you can eat as much free stuff as you like.

Susan - Change grouups! NO consultant should be negative and they certainly shouldn't be telling you that you should be aiming for a minimum loss, that is ridiculous!
Yeah i thought that, i have thought about changing but its too convenient. The consultant we have is temporary until they find a permanent replacement so I'm just waiting for that hehe :)
Hmm your consultant sounds poo, just make sure you tell us your losses, no matter how small it is all a step in the right direction!! x
Just a general question.....do you find your SWC has their favourite members in class........they seem to talk to them more etc.?

Ruthy xxx


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Mine is great and takes a personal interest in everyone, she takes the time to get to know a bit about our hobbies and lifestyles etc. There are some she knows experiment with new recipes so she always asks what they have been cooking this week. I don't think she has any obvious favourites

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