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Goal weight clothes anyone?


Ugly duckling going Swan.
I went and got myself a lovely dress from the Pearl Lowe range at Peacocks and it is just gorge. One problem. It's a size 12. Currently my size 20 frame will not slip into it but that's okay, I didn't buy it for now. I got it for later.

I also won some free t shirts recently in a competiton. I discovered after I won they only went up to size 16 so I asked 12s again.

Has anyone else got clothes to slim into?
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Yes... my wedding dress! lol well it was a copy of a designer dress I want and it was on ebay so I bought it, it was only £50 so not a huge amount, now when I went to cheat I get the dress out and look at it, hold it up against myself and look in the mirror... then I dont want to eat bad food hehe.

I probably wont actually wear that dress as I will get a new one as this will be grubby after me getting it out so often but its doing a good job at making me determind.


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No, but this is because of 2 reason.

1 - im a student so dont have the money to spend on clothes i cant wear


2 - i personally dont see the point, i would love to be in a size 12 but i have a large frame so who is to say even when i get to lighter weight i will fit in it, also i think it would make me feel depressed that i cant get in to it rather that determined to get in it.

Im sure it works for other though
I have some old stuff that I want to slim back into, thats a size 14. If I go smaller, great, but I have the stretched skin of a woman who had 3 large babies (Separately, not at the same time!) and has been huge for most of my life, so Im not optimistic!


i will be slim
I currently where a size 32!!

But i still have all my smaller clothes from when i lost weight before(size 16-18)

now and again i pull them out and dream about getting in them again!:eek:

I feel its great to have somthing like a smaller size clothing item for us to look forward to!!:D


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When I started losing weight back in January I had clothes I wanted to slim down for, but they were things I wore two or three years ago (I've always been bigger than I should be but put on a couple of stone over the past two or three years). I now pretty much fit into everything I already had, but last night I did order a pair of shorts two sizes smaller than I am now, so they are something to aim for.
i've got clothes from when i was a size 18 about 5 years ago that i'd love to get back into but i wouldnt go out of my way to buy any more clothes that dont fit. for a start ive never been skinny in my entire life so i dont know what size my body will be when im 140lbs, could be an 8 or could be a 14, i honestly have no idea :)
I've got loads of clothes i've collected over the years whilst i've put on the weight (i'm a compulsive hoarder, can't throw anything out) so i'm looking forward to being able to wear some of that stuff again. The other week I found an amazing size 12 vintage 60's dress which I'm determined I will be able to wear in the not too distant future. I'm not sure as i've still got at least 5 stone to lose but I'll get there one way or another I hope!

J x


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I have a few things from when I was thinner before. My Rupert the Bear trousers (I'm sure you can imagine) are a size 14 and in the last week I have just managed to get them done up, cant breath in them mind and I 'spill' quite spectacularly over the top but the zips up so it counts! Not sure they are anything I'll ever wear out socially again, I loved them at 19 but they're a bit too quirky at 29. But they were definitely a goal.
Another item is a short brown skirt (it's nice but unfortunately the word brown makes it sound blurgh!), again from 10 ish years ago, again a size 14 but still cant get this one done up.
But the ultimate is a pair of Ted Baker jeans I brought from a charity shop about two years back. They were so gorgeous and only 3.99 I couldn't resist. They were a size 3 (not the foggiest, why do they have to try to confuse me?), which holding them up against other clothes in the shop I guesstimated to be about a 14. I thought fine I'll get into those one day (I was a 20/22 at the time). Turns out a size 3 is like a size 12. I've never been a size 12, not since I was about 12, but I am determined I will get in these jeans if it's the last thing I do. Already made progress, can now get them up just about but there's about 6 inches of flab between either side of the zip at the mo. I will do it!
I actually just recently went out and bought a bikini to help motivate myself to tone my body. It'll hopefully work, seeing as I hate spending money on something and never using it.

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