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Me again posting like mad tonight to avoid left over bit of steak on DP plate from dinner! Anyhow - I have 5 stoneish to loose - at 15.2 now - can any of you help me set some mini goals - I dont really know what to put and I dont want to be disheartened if I dont meet them but still want them to be realistic and not too easy - if that makes sense?!?!


A xx
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When you set goals you have to think "what will really do it for me".. I don't set actual weight loss goals because I have no clue what they really mean.. Like I don't really know how much I have to lose to be a smaller dress size.. So I set goals like..
How much water I will drink today..
How many steps I will do this week ( I got a pedometre thing)
Gettin to the end of the day / week / month on SS.

There are many more.. I tend to just have one at a time and when I achieve it I do something really nice for myself.. :D (used to reward myself with a 12"pizza:eek: ) but now I buy some nice earings or new top or nice underwear or smellies or soak in bubble bath.. whatever turns you on really....

It's really important to pat yourelf on the back:patback: .. Us of a larger size are very good at kicking ourselvs and we must get good at the opposite as well......

Hope this helps a bit.. Your doing fantastic stuff!!

Podgey, Your weight loss is AMAZING! So Goal setting really works then. On previous diets I have always lost a lot in week 1, got a bit positive, been a bit lazy in week 2 and binge like MAD after week 2 WI then give up. Really dont want to do that again - not going through another weekend like the one Ive just had - too difficult to ruin it all over a bag of chips!

Thanks for your advice - good plan... hmmmm earings... smaller top???? thinking now I best get out and spend some money!

A xx
The first week of this is the hardest then the second week is a bit easier then it gets a bit less as you go on.. I think the most motivating thing about thes diet is the speed that it drops off.....
It's like when you start any other diet you know like you say you are going to lose a big chunk in the first week but then it is slowwer 1. 2 or 3 lbs but with this it can be anything the least I have lost i a week has been 6lbs so far ( I know I have a lot more than most to lose so it will be quicker at first ) but I can see light at the end of the tunnel, not in 5 years time but maybe sometime before Next Christmas..

Stick with it.. and keep posting everyone on here is fantastic!!!!!!


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Hey Achelois,

I set my mini goals based on BMI and stuff like that, as that way in my head I can start to understand where I'm at in terms of being healthy. Its all too easy to want to be slim for the sake of looking good, but really its about being a healthy size and shape to enhance your life. So if I know that when I'm a 'normal' weight etc I will find that really encouraging. But the goals are up to you!

Agree with P about the rewards though, they (and watching the weight drop off) are what keeps me going! xxx
Hi there,

As well as the other things everyone has said, I have come accross one that works really well. I want to lose weight for an op, so to prepare myself mentally I got some yellow stickies and made a countdown clock - nothing fancy, just wrote from 28 to 1 on separate pieces, stuck it on the wall opposite my bed, and every day tear the sheet off.

What has happened is that it's made me a lot more focussed - seeing the numbers go down has made it more real. That's what you need with any goal, to make it very definite if you can. So maybe you could think about an event like
Mother's day or sometime special, work out the days, and set out a realistic mini goal. Don't do anything too ambitious, stick to what the diet says, as you'll feel unhappy if you can't reach it realistically.

Honestly, it's worth the effort, it really concentrates the mind. Good luck and hope that helps :D
Hi Achelois, I have not given myself any goals as if I fail I get annoyed with myself. But what I do is when I lose a stone,I give myself a big treat(which always includes the shops and spending) That gives me something to look forward to. I dont feel guilty about spending them cos "I deserve it". This works for me but goals work for others. Cant wait to lose the next stone and get another shopping trip!!! (usually buy really frivolous things like dainty necklaces and earrings, costume jewellery things that I never bought when I was bigger, but have suddenly realised I love, think ts because I have fewer chins and have started to put my hair up a bit more!!!LOL

Nikki x

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