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  1. Toria09

    Toria09 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am having trouble setting myself a small goal as my first task to motivate myself. all I can think of is that I want to lose 4 stone like yesterday and I am well aware how daft this is.

    Has anybody got any suggestions for a few starter goals to get me going.

    Thanks x
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  3. daisyinthedust

    daisyinthedust Make a plan, deep breath

    Hi Toria09!:wavey:
    OOh I see you're doing Paul Mackenna's program, I'm following something similar to that as well :D
    I'd maybe recommend some small ones to get you started, like one day completely on track, then maybe two days - they all add up!
    Also possibly if you're going out for a meal set yourself a goal that you will stop eating when full & not make any excuses?
    Good luck with it & let us know how it goes :)
    Daisy x
  4. Toria09

    Toria09 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Daisy that was really helpful, I'm going to start with the one day completely on track (today) and think up a few mini goals on the way (I may plagiarise a few of your goals - I hope you don't mind!).

  5. daisyinthedust

    daisyinthedust Make a plan, deep breath

    Of course I don't mind!:D
    We all need all the help we can get so if any of my goals strike a cord with you, go for it!
    Good for you for deciding to take some action stick with it & you'll soon see some results!
    Daisy xx

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