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god i hate family


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Ahh charlie :wave_cry: prove em wrong girl at the end of the day who are you doing this for ??? my father was the first to critisize when i did it first time round hes never been supportive about my wight i went on to lose6.5 stone put it back on so im back on it now and i havent told him luckily live 250 miles away you stick to it and show em xxxxxxxxxxx
my friends at work were like that and kept teasing me with food,i egnored them and 3 weeks on they are saying i think i might try that diet your on ha ha.
just keep going and prove them wrong.


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just had my last drink with my sis and mum and was told i wont last the week on cd they laughed !!!! im crying my eyes out
even more reason to be strong, do it & prove them wrong.!
come here for all the support you need if you arn't going to get it from them. Hopefully the will see how well you do & give you their support in time
Now there is your inspriation to prove them wrong!!

You can do it, we all can with eachothers support. Go for it this week and really show them you can do it!

Family can be difficult, but try not to let them upset you. Just think about how slim you're going to be for the summer.

Chin up and keep smiling x x
Aww.......You WILL last the week. I've tried every diet under the sun and have never stuck to them for more than a week. CD is the 1st one I've managed to stick to and have now been on it for 8 weeks. I've lost over 2 stone. The most I've ever lost in one go and no intentions of stopping.

You CAN do this. Your 1st week will be hard but stick with it and it'll be easier. Once it becomes a habit then you're laughing!

Good luck and you show em!!!
I've yoyo dieted since time began:D

I got the same sort of reaction from a couple of people too. So being the bloody minded person I am, I set out to prove them wrong:cool:

4 weeks on I haven't cheated once!! and I've lost 22lb so far. I'll be the one laughing and SO WILL YOU:D

You can do this, dry those tears and think how great you'll look come the summer:)



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Charlie are they overweight ??? if so they may be jealous that you are doing something :jelous:


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i bet when they see you results they will wanna try it
Hi Charlie :) :)

Some people can't do certain things in life themselves and think that others will fail. Dieting is a strong will powered thing to do and automaticaly people think you will fail. Prove them wrong as I think negative thoughts like this give you more of a kick to not only to losing weight, but to prove them wrong.

Go for it, you will do great and we are all behind you.

Take Care

Nick :D
Hi Charlie..
I think you are very brave.. I haven't told anyone apart from my hubby I'm doing this.. Half my family would laugh and the other half would dissaprove so I have kept stum....
I think they are just so used to me dieting and failing.. spending more and more money on failed plans.. but not this time.....

You can do it... (God knows if I can anyone can......)

Keep strong and keep posting!!!!!!

sending you some good vibes:vibes:


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Ignore them Charlie and prove to them that you will be slim. One of my Clients had this from her Mother but she has now lost over 5 stone. She still wants to lose another 3 stone but her Mother keeps saying she should stop now, that she is alright as she is. Why dont people mind their own business.

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