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Goin'Downs Plan Escape

Hey guys. Names Gina. Was originally on the JUDDD plan but been doin a bit of thinkin n why I fail miserably on most eating plans is def the 'plan' part of it! I just hate havin to plan in advance and more importantly, sticking to it. Therefore, decided to abandon the plans n just eat 3 meals a day - sensible choices but essentially, whatever I feel like! Ill weigh in next tues to see how it goes. Best of luck to all of yas.
Today ate: cocopops and skimmed milk
pasta with bacon
Several cups of tea (with full fat milk!! - we were out of skimmed/SS at work!)
N had to skip lunch as i was workin thru it. All in all id say anout 1700 cals.
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Welcome and good luck! x
Cheers guys. Been goin good so far tho maybe thats just cos ive only really been havin 2 meals a day cus been working alot. We'l see how it goes when i start back on normal shifts next week!!

Cheers for the welcomes! Will let yas know how the 1 st weigh in goes on tues!

Well had first weigh in today (though sunday wud be better than tues) and woo hoo - lost 4lbs! Just through eating 2/3 meals a day n no snacking. Meals wernt particularly healthy which is something im gona change but happy enough in meantime. Hope yas are all doin well. xox
Goin good so far. Was workin late last ngt n on the way home was thinking, might stop for a pizza as I hadnt had any dinner. Then i thought, am i really that hungry? I realsied i was more thirsty than anything else so just went nhome n had a big glass of water followed by a big glass of (diet) 7up n felt great next day. Just shows u - mind over matter every time. Roll on weigh in!!!

Well yesterday was a bit touch n go. Had bar of choc and 2nds at dinner but managed to stay under 2000cals so not a disaster. Todays been fine so far - cereal for breakkie, yoghurt and some ice cream for lunch and chicken and potatoes for dinner. All in all about 1500 cals.
Eatings going well enough, the only thing im fallin down on a bit id say is exercise. On my feet enough at work, its just i can NEVER be bothered to go to gym. Maybe as the weight comes down ill get a bit better at that too tho. Knees hurt a bit too much at mo :( . Cant blame them tho. Not much fun supporting 15st plus of weight!!

My knees have felt better since going to the gym, think it is because I am strengthening the muscles and they are finding it easier to support my weight... oh that and the fat that the gym is helping me lose weight, lol!!! x
lol good to know it improves! At the min feels like they could buckle at any stage!! Thanx lindsay xo
Well todays gone fine too yay! Was workin like mad all day so not much time to eat so had
cereal n skimmed milk
some low fat choc icecream
handful of crisps

Comes to about 1800 methinks.
Weigh in tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Weigh in today and lost 4lbs. Elated!
WAHOO!!! :worthy: We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!!!

Hahaha thanks guys! Pretty delighted. Just hope can keep it up!

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