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Going from 17 stones to 12.0, first stone lost 4 to go


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I have done vlcd before, they are the only way I have ever been able to get the weight off, I ate my way up to 17 stone after Christmas. I have been on exante for nearly a week and I can already feel the weight falling off.

I find weighing myself helpful in the beginning but destructive when I am feeling uncertain. So I plan to only weigh once every 2 weeks. Then if I have lost loads I won't frighten myself and if I lose less than I think I should have I wont give up

I am definitely back in the zone.

I know from experience that a pint of coffee with some milk settles my hunger pangs first thing, then a soup late afternoon doesn't stimulate my taste buds too much, lots of fizzy is helpful, then half a soup folloed by ashake and a bar late evening is the way that works best for me, making sure that I have 3 packs & sone meat if I need it.

My head is in weight loss mode! Fab
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9th Jan First week: 10lb = 16.4

Just did it, not as strict as I need to be to lose as far as possible. Bit of uncontrolled weekend. Okay in week I will need to be as close to sole source as possible. Managing the grey areas in my absolutist mind, bending the diet without breaking it, or when breaking it not going nuts. Meat allowed but not pieces of choc orange or slugs of coffee liquour. Hmmm, was better on Sunday. And okay today on a Monday.

I need to weigh next week to keep myself strict, but will stop weighing and get counselling when near 15 stone as I haven't changed and it's been my trigger point many times. One week at a time ange, one week at a time. Plan: 16.1 or below next Monday.


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Well done on your first week weight loss!

I'm just starting today and have about the same as you to lose so will be following your diary to keep me inspired! xx


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Didn't do so well this week stayed the same


I had a good week and counted the pounds before they were lost
So ate all the wrong things on the weekend

You only lose weight onthis diet if you stick to the diet!

I have been here so many times,

The thing is when I face not eating with my family on the weekend I rate it as a 9 out of 10 in difficulty not to eat something, but only a 3/10 difficulty getting back on the diet

I just ave to make sure I do not come out of ketosis

You can't do this diet when hungry

So am still 16.4

My hair looks lank, my skin dry

What am I going to do with myself :-(
Hi angie, what type of things are you eating to lose the weight so fast? ive lost a stone in 2weeks, wondering if your doing the kinda same dieting as me......do you do any exercise?? well done on your loss :)


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Am doing exante

Hi angie, what type of things are you eating to lose the weight so fast? ive lost a stone in 2weeks, wondering if your doing the kinda same dieting as me......do you do any exercise?? well done on your loss :)

It's one of the vlcd, don't think there is another way to lose it, only if you ate nothing at all :)


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Another 5 off as of yesterday

And had another peak this am and it said I was another 3 down.

Started at 17, lost 10 = 16.4, stayed the same now lost another 5 so, 15.13 yesterday, then another 3 today = 15.10

Will stick at 15.13 as official weight as expect that is nearer the Mark and 15.10 to do with water loss

Not sure which day to have weigh in as I started on a Monday but then restarted. Monday is quite good if it captures how I've done over the weekend. I'll sort it in my head

This diet really works. You have to stick to it though for it to work.

I have now got into a pattern: milky coffee on and off interspersed with mint or other herbal tea, then
First half pack usually soup, thickened with husks and flavoured with veg soup mix or onion granules around 2pm or later, then a half shake whilst waiting for my toddler to settle down to sleep, then a bar around 7/8 pm followed by the other 2 halves of pack. If I feel the need I also have the occasional piece of ham and a baby bel cheese.

It seems to be working :)


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Realise I have lost my first stone and a little on top, here's to 15 stone!


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Hi Gem! Okay, not jumping on the scale for a bit though as lost well this week then jumped on the scale and found I had lost more....instead of being happy with this got worried I was losing too quick....but that's what happens when you sole source! Anyway, am in the zone totally and mainly managed to stay on the straight and narrow last weekend and when not at work

On no other diet could I control myselfsowell around chocolate or cake, it's kicking around the house and at work and will be around at a team meeti g tomorrow, I know cant have it andthats that

How's it going with you? You in the zone :)


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I'm totally in the zone! I weighed in today and I've lost a stone in my first week! So happy!

Good job for resisting cake and chocolate! X


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Yep, am doing okay

Weekends are my problem, well the problem is not planning them properly!

Anyway my scales as of last day of Jan said my weight was flying between 15.7 and 15.10! Said 15.9, 15.7, 15.10, 15.9 (they don't usually waver so much!)

Jumped on and off to see if I could get an average and decided to plump for 15.9, so just 1 off this week, tis okay usual monthly water retaining going on, hoping for a big whoosh to make up for it next week.:rolleyes:

So have lost 19lb in January. I realise if I hadn't had mini blips on the weekends I would have lost another half stone, but I'm human and learning to remember how to do this again. That doesn't mean I'm not giving myself a hard time about it! I need to stay focused, I want to be another stone down by end of feb.

However much it is comforting to have the food straight jacket of exante or any other vlcd, I do not want to be on this forever, so don't want to delay losing for the want of nibbles with hubby on the weekend!

In February I will cream 15 stone and start hacking away into 14 stones ;-)


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Good morning as elvira says a pound is a pound, at least it's going in the right direction. Have a good day. :)

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