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Going from exante to low carb / atkins ?

Just wanted to say what a great inspiration this forum is.

I am male and weighed 17st 10 - went on LL a couple of years ago and lost nearly 4 stone but gradually put it all back on again - totally my fault and not the diets as I basically went back to my old habits.

Totally committed to doing the Exante diet now - am having 2 shakes and one bar a day- and after nearly my first week I have lost over 8ilbs - I want to lose 21/2 stone to begin with ( I am hoping this is achievable after 3 - 4 weeks ?).

Was then thinking about going onto a low carb / Atkins style diet and really lifestyle change - my problem is I eat loads of bread / pasta / potatoes etc and i am confident that taking these out will be a huge help.

Has anyone any experience of going from Exante to low carb and if not do you think its a good idea ?

Once again thankyou very much indeed for such a great forum.
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Not sure on the switching to low carb but wanted to wish you luck on it :)

I lost 18lbs on my first month on exante, so your goal may be doable :)


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Hey :) good luck on Exante. I've been on it for 10 weeks and I love it. I'm going the low carb route once I've got my BMI to 25 and can no longer do total solutions. I bought the Pig to Twig book and recipe book and The Low Carb Gourmet recipe book and I'm constantly reading them in preparation for when I will be eating again.

Goodluck with Exante, keep us posted on your losses.
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Lobster I'm thinking of doing the same thing. I think the Atkins will really help to reintroduce carbs carefully.
I can't find any info online moving onto Atkins from exante though but I'm going to do it anyway! It's just a matter of working out whether to come off the shakes first and then start Atkins or stay on the shakes and have an Atkins meal for a while. What do you think?

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Hey Lobster22,
Wishing you the best of luck on your exante/low-carb journey.

I think that switching to low-carb eating to maintain seems to be quite a popular option - I tried switching to low-carb a couple of months back for a few weeks and although I managed to maintain no probs and enjoyed the food aspect very much - I was impatient to see the back of all blubber and switched back to exante to try and speed up the losses.

I am currently in the process of transitioning to low-carb eating but I am doing it VERY slowly, gradually replacing half a pack at a time with a small low-carb meal - I am hoping to be fully low-carbing it in a couple of months time.

Wishing you the very best of luck
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This is a route I hope to follow also, once I lose another 2-3 stone :).
I have the Atkins book, which I am reading, and a vegetarian low carb book by Rose Elliot, in preparation for my transition.


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Hello! When I first did Cambridge, I followed the re-introduction of food plans and then went low-carb/GI. GI is a good option if you really can't go without bread or pasta (I think no carbs is very restrictive and besides - no alcohol, eek) - I just made sure to measure out brown pasta and have granary bread. I ate far less carbs by having soup for lunch and sometimes stir fry for dinner but without noodles or rice. Basmati/brown rice is low GI. I managed to keep the weight off this way for some time. x
Guys - Once again many thanks indeed - very pleased with my first week loss of 10ibs and am off on holiday in three weeks so hence the rush -
Am now just under 17stone and want to get down to 14.5 - 15 stone as my target but HAVE to be at 15.5 in these next three weeks !!!

Did LL a fw years ago and got down to 14.5 but like an idiot just went back to the same old bad habits (?) which is why I think cutting out carbs for me really could work.

Am also trying to excercise to keep the metabolism going ( does anyone else do this ?) - not going mad but tryiing to run 2 miles most days.

I really HATE being this big but only have myself to balme and I WILL get this sorted - have also signed up for a 10Km run in July !!!

Cookine Monster - if you dont mind me asking when you went on your low carb what kind of weight were you maintaining and what type of things were you eating ?

Many thanks again.
Just weighed myself and have lost around 12 ibs now in 8 days so really pleased - dont actually feel too bad !!!

Am under 17stone now so a stone and a half on TS to go - hopefully can do that in 2 - 21/2 weeks but I may be a bit optimistic.

Havent done much exercise the last few days buy am going for a 2 mile run tomorrow assuming I don't collapse !!!

Many thanks again for a great forum
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Oh Lobster I dont know how you can think of exercising! I'm exhausted today! Burn enough calories using my brain and walking around. That's enough for a few weeks for me! I'm the same as you though as i have to lose for a holiday too. I've got 20llbs to go and 11 weeks to do it in which should easily be doable but i don't want to go off the rails!
I've set myself a goal to lose 14llbs this month in the May challenge so once i've done that i will go onto TS and exercise i think!
How are you feeling then? I feel fine at weekend but a bit weak at work when i have stuff to do! Can't wait til Friday!!


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I too have to go on a low carb diet to carry on loosing more weight. My bmi is currently 26.5 which means soon I have to get off exante TS/WS as my bmi would be 25. I still want to carry on loosing weight until bmi becomes 21. If i go straight onto atkins, i might gain after eating all that meat but Im actually going to stick to a 600-700 calorie low fat low carb diet and i should still hopefully loose 2 pounds a week with added exercise.