Going into ketosis - Be brave.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
If you know anything about weaning a baby, then you know that as a Mother, you do it kindly. I breast fed my son and when it came to feeding solids, I would start with a little feed, then spoon-feeding, and finish with the comfort of the breast again.

Now you might ask, what has that got to do with going into ketosis?

Well the answer is this: You can't be kind to yourself in the respect of having a little comfort food before you drink your Lipotrim or a little comfort food after you drink your LT.

You need to be very tough on yourself. Water is the only comfort you can have and that may be quite a "bitter pill" to swallow in the first few days.

"Why am I putting myself through this torture?" you may be asking yourself on day 2 and day 3.

Nirvana is now only a day or two away.

Lipotrim, the wonderful paradoxical diet that is essentially a starvation diet, but one that you should never feel hungry on, if you follow the rules.

A thousand cheers to Minimins the angel that got me through some very hard days. I wouldn't be posting here with my new found confidence if it wasn't for her goodself.
And I didn't kiss the Blarney stone either

It looked too treacherous for my liking.

However, I was born near it 40 + years ago.