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Going my own way - dieting with allergies and intollerances

Im attempting to eat Healthier and Exercise more, along with the support of my Husband.

I cant stick to a diet plan for more than 20 days.
I have a list of Allergies and intollerances that is as long as my arm so following diets are sometimes pretty much impossible.

I have looked into Slimming World and their replacements for Dairy Products, but I cant see it working in the long run as regards to having healthy extras such as yoghurts or cheese. I cant have Fish, Dairy, Citrus, Caffeine, Pork, Mustard, Grapes to name a few.......

I tried a Detox a while ago, I had awful headaches for the first week and then it got better, and I did feel a lot healthier just in the first week or so, but it wasnt easy. I wont pretend it was as I had to cut out a lot of the things i eat because I cant have any of that long list up there, so I was hardly eating at all and therefore having no energy and exercising doesnt really go well together.

So anyway I have decided to go it alone (well without a popular diet plan as such)
I have Paul Mckennas books and they are really helpful so I may use those for some assistance but i'm just going to stick with Calorie counting and using "myfitnesspal" for a bit of help there.

I cant drive to get to slimming world groups and i certainly cant afford the £60 to join online.

I worry about my weight and how it is affecting my health, I want to do something about it but more importantly I NEED to do something about it or I wont be around much longer.

Welcome to my Dairy free Diary.
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Day 1-

Breakfast : Scrambled Egg on Wholemeal Toast spread with Vitalite Dairy Free Spread

Lunch - Turkey Sandwich

Dinner - Beef Stir Fry with Sweet chilli sauce and wholegrain brown rice.
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hello and welcome :)

Good for you for changing your lifestyle and cleverely doing it, despite your allergies.

I am not with any group either, i am doing it my way and by myself :) I can relate to what you say, i'm also doing it for all the right reasons, especially health, because if i don't, i won't be around to enjoy life!!!!!

Keep posting i look forward to chatting with you.
hello and welcome :)

Good for you for changing your lifestyle and cleverely doing it, despite your allergies.

I am not with any group either, i am doing it my way and by myself :) I can relate to what you say, i'm also doing it for all the right reasons, especially health, because if i don't, i won't be around to enjoy life!!!!!

Keep posting i look forward to chatting with you.
Hey thanks for commenting on my diary, welcome :)

Glad to see im not alone in not following set out plans, I just hope I have the right willpower to do this by myself. My husband is doing it with me so that will help a lot. do you have anyone to support you in your family with it?
Welcome aboard. I don't follow a set diet or group either. Carbs are my problem so I like to keep them under control, watch my calories and try to eat as much natural/unprocessed food as possible.

For me this is mainly about changing my habits in respect of emotional/stress eating, and making better food choices so that I get the nutrients my body needs.

Look forward to reading your posts.
My Gp has prescribed me Xenical or Orlistat as it says on my packet. Im a bit worried about taking them. I have heard some stories about them!
Any advice? do i give it a go by myself for a few weeks first then try them?
I have an operation due at end of october so im hoping to lose a bit by then so maybe they would help?
hello again :)

It is so good to hear your hubby is doing this with you, pat on the back for him! :) it wll keep you on track and focused too, great idea! No-one in my famiy is doing this with me, but they are very supportive, and encouraging, especially my hubby!

Now, xenical, i can help you with..... I tried them last year during one of my many diets and they worked for me..i lost 12lbs in 2 weeks, along with healthy eating too!
For some bizarre reason, my head wasn't in the right place, and i threw in the towel as usual :(
They are not for everyone, and some people don't get results, but for many they work well. Yes, there are horror stories, but i honestly didn't experience them. If you control your fat intake as it says, and avoid foods like cheese, eggs and fried foods..then your body won't react in a negative way!

At the beginning of my weigh ins with my nurse, she even recommended that i could try them again, if i hit a long patch of 'staying the same', just to kick start the weight loss again...so if i feel i need them again, i would definately use them!

If you can do this without their help, well that is great, but you could keep them as a 'back up' plan if you begin to struggle. Used correctly, i am sure you would benefit from them when you are ready to use them!

There is a xenical section further down the page, you'll get lots of advice from there too :)

Have a good day x
Emmaline where you named after a character from Anne of Green Gables by any chance? :)
Just to give the answer where you are sure to get it....:D

My name is just my user name on here but my friends in real life do call me Emm but that is not my real name either! It's just one I like beacause I absolutely detest my real name and never EVER divulge it.... :D

Anyway .. Hi to you Hobnobsmummy, hope you are enjoying being on this forum!
Personally I have found it such a great help and the support is wonderful.

What a shame you have such a lot of allergies and intolerances, makes life very difficult I am sure.
I do have quite a few myself but a lot are regarding meds that my doc keeps trying to put me on for my pain... won't bore you with the details suffice to say that the reality is I just have to grin and bare the most of it.

Think you are doing magnificently under the circumstances and wish you all the very best ...:)
Ok what on earth is wrong with me....I sat down last night and said to myself "look this is it now, its make or break, you HAVE to lose weight" and this morning I woke up positive and all "yes I can do this".....What have i Just had for dinner???...............
A Chinese Takeaway..(Face Palm)

Im an idiot. Least I didnt take the Xenical with it, wouldnt have been much fun later on!
I havent taken the tablets today, I am going to try to do it without for a week or 2, and then if I cant do it I will take them. My Motivation is Pathetic.

My excuse for the chinese? Its been 4 years today since I moved Down South, that is not an acceptable excuse hobnobsmummy!

Feeling sorry for myself but at the same time very angry with myself.. :( :( Silly Mare.
hello HM....how are you feeling today hun? Now, that was yesterday' wee blip, its been and gone, today is a new start, with added motivation. You can and will do this, i believe in you :)

I can relate to celebrating with food, oh can i ever!!!!...any excuse for a takeaway and i was there.....birthday, anniversaries, 'house' birthday, too tired, too hungry to wait, the first episode of x factor returning!!!!!, etc etc etc..come to think of it, i didn't even need a reason, i just wanted a takeaway OFTEN!!! :)

Think of all the reasons, why you want or need to lose weight, and everytime the lure of the takeaway or biscuit tin calls you, get out your mental list, and tick it off one by one..imagine you in that new outfit, all slim and trim and smiling :D

Good luck, don't be hard on yourself today, yesterday is history and well in the past...now onto the future, chin up hun, believe in yourself and go for it!!!!
Thanks SO much RR, you are right I CAN do this. I had a minor disaster start to the day as i dropped 2 open boxes of cereal all over the kitchen floor so ended up having egg on toast instead lol.
Im maybe going to start the xenical next monday after ive seen how much i can lose in a week without it.
Hope you are well today. x
Just to say hiya and another one here not on any particlular plan, like you am keeping an eye on cals on myfitnesspal

Can understand celebrating / commiserating with food, have been in the habit of oing that most of my life too

Like Rose says, don't worry about the blip, just keep trying - changing long term habits isn't an easy thing to do

All the best
oops abut the spilled cereal..not a good start to day..but that means it will only get better :) Toast and egg sensible choice!

Good idea to see how you go without xenical, then try it next week combined with healthy eating..and compare the 'losses'..good luck hun x

keep posting, i'm rooting for you :)
My advice to you would be to stop telling yourself you HAVE to lose weight. The best thing I have done is to monitor the way I talk to myself mentally. So whenever I catch myself saying "I am starving" I quickly tell myself "don't be ridiculous you're just a bit hungry".

So say to yourself something like "I am going to eat healthier foods because I want to get smaller or fit into a size **" or "it will improve my health if I eat an extra piece of fruit a day".

Your brain does listen to what you are saying and takes it all in. Treat yourself kindly and tell yourself you are a fantastic woman and you are getting smaller everyday.
Not too bad a day yesterday really...could have been better, could have been worse.

Breakfast - Egg on Toast
Lunch - Chicken Sandwich bought from Co-Op at 4:30pm after missing lunch out completely (went to visit friend who has just had a baby, and stayed longer than expected)
Dinner - minted Lamb steak with Vegetables and carrot and swede mash with gravy and 1 mini yorkshire pudding.
Snacks - 1 plain chocolate cookie, 2 small glasses of Rose wine, and half a custard and apple doughnut (more like a bite than half, cant eat a whole one or id be drinking a whole bottle of piriton so had a little nibble of hubbys haha, very naughty but he didnt mind. although he shouldnt have been eating it either!)
drinks - Water, Black Decaf Coffee.
Have a good day lovey and a successful weekend...how is your hubby coping with the next healthy eating, does he feel any weight loss?

oooh how exciting, you can compare losses at weigh in!
I cant get him on the scales RR, he is scared of them I think lol. I will keep trying tho!
hope you are having a good weekend too. x

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