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Going out 4 a curry - what to chose???


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Hi all you cool dudes out there - blimey the tennis is brilliant, Murray was 2 sets down and it's now down to the fifth - anyhooo, it's hubbys birthday on Wed and as I want to still be good and save my day off for a weekend, I just wondered what would be the least synful meal to order? I'd naturally have to have it as a syn and I'll chose a green day as I can then have free rice - I scanned the SW book and wondered if the vegetable curry or vegetable jalfrezi are the least synful meal??? Does it really matter if it's a jalfrezi, bhuna, madras, so long as t's a vegetable dish??? Have been really good and don't wanna spoil it - trust hubby to have a birthday (lol) !!!! Shant have any wine, naan or poppadom (sniff......) :eek:(((
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rainbows holiday buddy :)
i go for side dishes like bombay potato, lentil dahl and saag samba.

as you're going for green it shouldn't be too sinful as long as you don't pick creamy dishes such as korma.

if i eat out what i do is eat free foods during the day, then count all healthy extras and sins into my meal out. for example, if there was cheese and oil used in your dish you could count it as an 'a' and a 'b' choice and any extra is sins.
I love veg madras and don't mind missing the fried rice for boiled, which saves a heck of a lot of syns. I'd also order chicken tikka starter to arrive with my main course and count the chicken as HE-B. Poppadoms aren't too bad and I like to think the yoghurt dip isn't either! And the oniony one must be pretty much syn free.


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I always have the dry chicken tikka (skin removed) with salad and I'm sure it comes with an omlettle thing on the top too? Like everyone else though, I try to eat just free food before hand so I don't have to worry too much about it x


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i'm also having an indian takeaway this thursday and have been worrying about what to have. lots of people have suggested having a green day and having plain boiled rice and a side veg dish like lentil dahl or similar. but i'm quite tempted to have plain chicken tikka to be honest, with just a little boiled rice.. not quite sure yet! let us know what you decide x

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