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Going shopping tonight - Need CHEAP lunch ideas for work please?

Hi All,

Going Asda tonight and I really want to save the pennies as going on holiday and just generally be careful with the money! Has anyone got ideas for lunch that I can take to work? I dont mind cooking before hand. The only thing I ask is that its not soup as I have been eating that for the past 3 weeks and I really am getting bored of it!!

Thank you xx
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I sometimes bring a ww wrap and put some ham or chicken on that with one of those extra light cheese triangles. You can load that up with whatever salad you like. Or a ww bagel, they're good too. I do usually have soup too, getting sick of it myself. You could make a pasta salad maybe? Lunch is getting boring for me too atm lol...
Isnt funny isnt it how lunches can be so complicated when dinners are a breeze! I just hate getting to the supermarket and buy stuff and then cant make anything of it or just rubbish lunches that dont satisfy me then I end up picking on bad food. Wraps sound good. How many pro points are they?
Can you make a jacket potato in a microwave at work? and fill with beans or tuna and have salad with it? I know a lot of the supermarkets have light choice micro meals on special offer quite a lot. I know the tesco healthy living have the PP on them not sure about asda though but you could work it on if you have a calculator. Ive been taking wraps and pitta's with ham and WW cheese to work and microwaving them so the cheese melts. I've also been taking potato's and pasta mixed in with tuna and light mayo. Hope this helps..
Yum Jessiemurf! That all sounds so good! I think I am going to get some WW tuna and then can mix that with pasta or add to salad or wraps/pitta etc. xX
I just use normal tinned tuna hun its very low fat anyway and cheaper. I also love prawns mixed in with some light mayo 3PP and pop in a wrap, pitta or jacket spud :) s'all bout using your imagination to make sure you don't get bored.
What size tins? I thought the normal size tins were like 5pp?
I always count them as 2PP im sure thats what it came out when i used my calculator :/ just like a standard size tin if that makes sense. I don't know the weight.
OK so the tins the same size as the WW ones are 2pp? Or is it the standard size that is 2pp? Sorry! :confused:
Yeah, so this is what I'm confused about, they are 2pp that size tin with sauce? OK so me thinks the best thing for me to do is just use my calculator when I go to the supermarket! Tuna here I come! LoL.
I like having carrots, celery, peppers dipped in houmous, or in philly light, the mni pittas are only 2pp as well.

Or pineapple cottage cheese with melba toast

the mince and potato Tesco light meal (in fridge not freezer) is only 5pp, not tried it yet though!


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couscous is a good one to take with you - you can load it up with tuna, spring onions, cucumber, cherry tomatoes .. whatever you want really

pasta salads work well too and if you are making them yourself with chicken or ham or tuna or prawns or whatever it shouldn't be mega expensive

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