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Going to a ball tomorrow - hair curly or straight?

Curly or Straight???

  • Curly

    Votes: 24 82.8%
  • Straight

    Votes: 5 17.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Fighting the bulge
Im going to a charity ball tomorrow and i am in need of some hair opinions!!

Im going to be wearing this dress:

Im going to be doing my own hair (see current hair style in avatar!)

I dont know whether to pin my side fringe back and have loose curls or pin the fringe back and have straight hair???

Help please!

Pesty xxx
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Gorgeous dress. I love curly hair, thing with it when it's straight is as soon as it gets a bit hot or humid it goes curly (well mine does) and it can easily go messy when it's straightened whereas loose curls look good all the time.
In my humble opinion anyway :)


Fighting the bulge
Thanks for the tip Kirsta!

I guess im off to buy some hair spray then!! Shows how long i havent done it for!! lol

Im trying to find a pic with me having curly hair but im at work so its a bit of a struggle xx


Fighting the bulge
Aww thanks all for your votes and comments!!!

I will definitly wash my hair tonight then and get some hair spray on my lunch in a mo!! Im going to start my hair quite early as i want the curls to drop a bit to be 'loose'

I will of course post you all a piccy of me all glammed up!! xx
I say curly as well, and the dress is goergous


A happy downward spiral
Ohhh such a pretty dress.
Your hair is lovely too so id say you could get away with either but for me I would go with loose curls.
So much easier to manage and has a more glam feel with it.
Hope you enjoy it and no matter what you'll look fab!


Fighting the bulge
I bought it on ebay!

Its custom made from china, and it was only £54 which is not bad for a full length gown, they have some other gorgeous ones too:

Just go onto ebay and write in 'ball gown' and these are the first lot to come up!