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Going to give CD another go


Here I Go Again
I emailed my old CD Counsellor last night and got a reply this morning to give her a ring i just phoned and i go today to pick some packs up:eek::eek: didn't expect it to happen quite so fast!

I have done CD before and don't feel the excitment that i did first time around but im trying to get my motivation back again and plus i have minimins now.

Wish me luck i think i will need it.
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Good luck Ronnie!! I start again on Saturday so I'm right behind you :)


Silver Member
Good Luck Ronnie - I'm starting again today too. I'm sure you will be fine just wait until the weight starts to fall off :)
Good Luck Ronnie - You'll be fine this time around!


please try again
good luck with the restart, am sure that excitement will catch up with you soon


Here I Go Again
Thanks eveyone :D:D

I wouldn't say im raring to go but im getting there havn't had any packs yet as i tend to be an evening snacker so keeping packs till then!


escaping the fat
Hi Ronnie, im a restarter too and have about the same amount to lose as you. Cant say im enthusiastic about missing out on food either but i know i have to do this. Ive tried the food diets and they do work but are also so easy to cheat on and you find your self getting away with that extre slice of bread or biscuit so next time you have another and another and before long its back to eating the same as before. The beauty of CD is really the speed of the weight loss. Just think how much slimmer we could be by summer.


Here I Go Again
Just think how much slimmer we could be by summer.

Hi Happe that has given me some hope funny how the smallest of things can get us going and a phase i have heard many a time but just reading it there has given me at least a blinker of light at the end of a long tunnel.


To infinity and beyond!
Good luck with your restart Ronnie, I will be joining you tomorrow :)

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