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Going to Join

S: 23st8lb C: 23st1lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 0st7lb(2.12%)
Hello Everyone, I had decided to go and try the CD, done slimming world on and off for last few years and I know it works but its slow and I dont want to do it anymore my head is not in the right place, so guessing a change is a good as a rest? as I may be board with it.

Anyway after over a week, a few emails and a few calls the local CD person hasnt bothered to call me back! :mad: and after looking at the weight losses with CD and LL I feel I can do that with SW or WW, I can have weeks of -11 and -7 if I excersize because I am so big (about 23stone)

Also thinking it may be better in the long run as I need to lose the weight to get my periods back, I know they will return when I loss some weight and we really want some more children (have an 18month old)

So thinking of going along tonight and giving WW a go, if I dont get on or like it after a month or so I can also give CD or LL a try.

There is a class in my area tonight at 6 so I shall go along .

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Needs to succeed
S: 16st9lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 0st5lb(2.15%)
Hi Sharon

Welcome to the WW group. First of all, chin up Hun, you can do this, just stay positive, and you will succeed :D

I tried CD, and it made me very ill. It got to the stage that if I put a shake anywhere near my mouth, it made me sick. Needless to say, after feeling like that, all I wanted to do was eat food, and all the weight that I lost plus more was gained in a matter of weeks. I am not saying CD doesn't work, it just didn't work for me.

I have been messing around with WW for a couple of months now, but have finally got my head together, and am in the right mind set to stay focused, and lose the weight.

After your first meeting, you will feel very positive, and will be at goal in no time :)

We are all in the same position, so if you ever need anything, just shout, and there will always be someone here to help :)

Good Luck on your journey hun

S: 14st5lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 4st1lb(28.36%)
Good luck tonight! - you will love WW it is very easy and enjoyable albeit a bit slow at times - but I think it is worth it to be able to eat nice healthy food
Good luxk sweetie! i love weight watchers - have just lost my first stone and thrilled! the points plan is very easy and you do not have to o without certain foods at all. I found that since ive been oing wwthe lifestyle change has been as and the sluggish feeling is gone. Go for it stick to it, youl see results soon.xxx
good luck tonight
Wish I could go to a meeting but dont think they would like my 4 kids running riot lol
S: 23st8lb C: 23st1lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 0st7lb(2.12%)
Thanks Guys

Well I just got back, I was quite surprised I weighed 22 stone 3.5lbs, considering I weighed 22 st 4lbs 2 weeks ago and havent eaten crap for the last 2 weeks! anyway the class was very disjointed and not really a meeting but they lady was away on her Hols and a stand in was doing her best so I dont mind, I have read the book and it seems pretty simple, even though I am not keen on weighing and measuring I am going to start on the points as the core plan is very simular to SW and I want a change, and 31 points is loads so going to try and use 16-20 to get me off to a flyer! going swimming tomorrow, lets hope this positive attitude continues.

Anyway thanks for the advice, I really need to keep thinking small steps rather then massive weigh losses!

Sharon xx
Captain Collins as great and sensible, but not eating all your points doesnt work that way, eatyour points lovely as they are designed to help you lose the weight even set that high. You will have a good loss as long as you stick and drink plenty of water. I had a loss of 4lb my first week! so stick to your points, dont go hungry cosit will work the opposit of what you want it too. xxxx
you can save 4 each toward the weekend or a spcial meal but you HAVE to eat the rest trust me you will lose weight by eating them
If you dont ear your points hun your body os going to go into starvation mode and it will make you gain weight. Stick to your points! xx


Silver Member
I can only echo what people have said, definatly dont have 20 points if your limit is 31 as you will struggle to lose weight. WW is based on points, you get an allocated number to keep your metabolism ticking over and your body in fat burning mode, if you dont eat the right amount of points your not doing Weight Watchers so wont see the results. The aim is your body gets used to eating less gradually, if you start low, then when your points drop your body will be used to it so you will find it hard to lose weight and eventually will not be eating enough to maintain a healthy life ;)

31 points will go quickly if you use higher pointed things, just dont buy diet things for now :D
S: 23st8lb C: 23st1lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 0st7lb(2.12%)
Thanks for the pointer

Oh I guess I thought loss points = more weight gone, I am not gonna go mad, already got my food planned, havent added the points yet but think I will be fine and will add it up before I eat it. the points chat thing seems really easy to use.
Thinking of a weetabix for breakfast
fat free yog and some fruit for dinner (never eat dinner and normally have massive tea so gonna eat something light)
and thinking of stuffed courgates and brown rice for tea.

Sounds yummy and my husband will like his tea :) he is in the Navy so fit but has put on 10lb in the last 3 months, most be my home cooking since he come back from sea, as a submariner the food is awful so who can blame him putting the weight on when back! LOL :D

Heres to a good week for all :)


Silver Member
It doesnt sound like thats going to be anywhere near enough points hun to be honest, you do really need to add them up and use them all, for example dont use fat free yogart with brekfast, maybe have a sandwhich at lunch and maybe a bag of crisps or some fruit and could you add something else to your dinner, maybe some chicken or something and a ww pudding. I only have 25 points a day and that wouldnt be enough to use them up ;)
Eat all your points and enjoy them, the points cut down as you lose weight - thank you vodka for your explanation - i merely waffed on as usual!
You will lose more weight if you stick to your pointage. x
Hi and welcome to WW :)

As everyone else has said you MUST eat your points. If you think youre going to struggle Id lay off so much fruit and free foods. That menu youve suggested is going to be well short of your points it really is. If you stick to that sort of menu then quite honestly youre NOT going to shift the weight at all :(

Getting your head round being able to eat loads and lose weight but it can be done. Do it properly and you can lose about half a stone a month :)

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