Going to the cinema...


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Is jelly practical in a cinema? It's a bit like ice cream but errrrm.. wobbly!! lol If so then theres the hartleys jellys 1/2 syn.
Also before started dieting me and my friend would just buy a tub of ben and jerrys from the supermarket to take into cinema cos it was so much cheaper than buying it and by the time you'd paid and sat down if was soft enough to eat!
You could maybe do that with skinny cow ice cream? Although unless you were sharing it with someone a whole tub would probably be alot of syns!
Other than that boring grapes, fruit etc


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packet sugar free polo mints 4 syns not exaclty exciting but would take u a while to suck thro them


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I'd just have a big filling meal before going and not have anything there. You don't have to have snacks at the cinema to enjoy the film. You could also make a SW dessert so you have something sweet to look forward to when you get home :D


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Hey Becca - I went yesterday and I took along a pack of cherries (those plastic punnets from Tescos) and also a pack of that ready chopped melon (I think it's called 'Melon Medley Madness' or some nonsense, from M&S but you can get them in Tesco too).
Grapes are good too - you want something easy to stow away and something like popcorn that you can shove in your mouth all the way through the film!

What are you going to see? I saw The Road yesterday, and it was absolutely phenomenal. I mean I would pay to watch Viggo read the phonebook, but The Road is really something special.

Have fun!


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Just thought as well.. what about that recipe for choc cake that was on here at 9 syns for the whole cake.. havnt tried it yet but maybe you could chop it into pices or make it into buns instead of a cake?

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Just had a big massive meal of quorn bangers and mash. Now feel stuffed so don't think i'll be needing anything other than a drink maybe! We're off to see The Road. So hopefully it will be good :)


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When I went to see Avatar last weekend I took my water bottle, Quavers (synned) and 2 Alpen Lights (hexb).