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Going 'Total' tomorrow

hi all, well the last two weeks have been pretty poor, and gaining 0.75lbs this week is a real knock to my confidence, especially as ive started going running this week (my apologies for any dog walks who were unfortunate enough to see me) :bliss: :chores016:

Its a week earlier than planned but im going to move onto the Total Solution tomorrow. i've been doing the working/simple solution for the past 6 weeks.... its a little backwards my diet!
hopefully this will kick start my weight loss again.

I thought starting it on a friday would be best then i have the weekend to get used to it! - am i right in thinking that its the first three days that are the hardest? and then day four you feel better again?

Any advice on the total solution would be great!:)
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Hi yummy mummy
I have just completed my first week of total and I would say allow 5 days until you feel ok, I felt so hungry it was unreal but instead of giving up I just had an extra soup or shake until my body got used to it, now I dont feel hungry at all and I lost 5lbs last week so the extra soup did no harm its better than raiding the fridge !! good luck let us know how you get on xx
Yeah the first few days are tough, I'm on day 5 and I think it's fair to say I'm still starving! Strange though how I haven't so much as ate a crumb of 'food' but when I eat normally I pick at everything, eat crisps by the bucket load, and finish off the kids dinner!! What is that about??? I have been so strong and I'm now on TOTM so am amazed how I've went without. Stick with it the first week, stay positive, I'm hopeful that by the weekend my hunger pangs will be gone. Good luck...don't give up!
Stick at it whatever - I felt rough for about 8 days (I think it was the caffeine withdrawal for me), but now am in week 3 of exante TS and feel great. I'm always up early (not like me) and no aches and pains at all.
Good Luck :)
thanks all!
well today is the start of day 2, and i have monday off of work... so fingers crossed!

i just cant wait to weigh in on thursday.
TS feels alot....'calmer' almost, theres not the worry of making sure that dinner is below 600 calories.

going to try and distract myself today by planting my baby strawberries outside!
Thanks for all of your advice girls!

you were right the first few days were tough! headaches, exhausted etc... and i quickly gave up running!

But wow i woke up on day 5 and was literally brimming with energy! that night i couldnt sleep so i've been running again every evening just to try and exhaust myself! i've now built up to around 3 miles per evening.

I'm really loving the feeling of having so much energy all of the time! i've even treated myself to a lovely pair of running shoes!

Isnt it great to not even have to think about food at all. its crazy to look back and see just how much we were eating during the day, and the amount of time that i used to spend just thinking about food!

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