Going up the plans?

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Now you'll probably all think I'm totally mad but it was never my intention to stay on CD ss until I reached my goal. :eek:

I know it would be so easy to do that as I'm finding it a walk in the park but it's a personal choice.

I just wondered, is anyone else was doing the same?

Are you all planning on staying on ss or ss+ until you reach your targets?

I'll be talking to my CDC about it at my next weigh in but thought I'd get some of your views too.

Can/should I start going straight back up the plans in a week or so as was my original intention or would I regain all the weight I'll have lost by then? Do you need to stay on ss or ss+ till goal or near goal for it to be effective?

Am I being silly?

Any & all replies/ideas/thoughts are welcome. x x
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ooooo good question I would liek to know too!! I am not planning on staying on SS forever but I need to rethink my eating habits so I am gonna stay on it for however long I feel I can cope with it xx


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I'm not planning on SS/SS+ to goal either - weightloss can still be achieved on the higher plans - albeit a tad slower but it will still be educating & effective as it is soo controlled - a collueage ofmine lost well on 1200 plan - faster than ww/sw etc but slower than VLCD - I think its not the route that is important necessarily but the destination -it has to fit around lifestyles etc xx


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I have no intention of coming off SS+ at all until i hit my own personal goal which is about 21 pounds away...im enjoying SS+ totally and will only start going up the plans when i hit that 'goal' of mine... my CDC knows this and is supportive. Have started looking at the higher plans already (food wise & portions) and am quite excited to start that too!

Everyone is different though :)


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I am also going to be on ss+ until I reach goal. I dont think I would be able to trust myself if I start moving up steps before goal x

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if you're doing so well, i don't understand your reasoning for wanting to change so soon.

I will ss until goal, again that is my choice, and everyone is entitled to theirs.

I just struggle to understand why getting to your goal quickly would be a problem, i say the sooner the better. Plus if you come off ss, an decide you want to go back..... it may not be so easy 2nd time round, believe me.

Good luck with whatever decision you reach, this is YOUR journey, the route you take must be YOUR choice xxx


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personally im still on SS, with a couple of SS+ days thrown in per week.. my CDC told me to stay on it as long as I could, as its the fastest way to loose, but did say to move up if I wanted to.

Its a personal choice I guess, im happy with what im doing..


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I won't be coming off until I hit goal either. I think that for me it needs to be all or nothing. The strictness of SS means there is no chance to have 'just a little bit more' of anything. You get the add a meal week every 12 weeks I think it is. Though I need the 1000 plan and I was losing 4-5lbs a week while on that, but that was only for 2 weeks, so yes you can still lose but is generally at a slower rate.


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I'm really playing it by ear. Part of the reason why I'm sticking to SS and SS+ is that I'm really wanting to change my attitude towards food. I'd really prefer to stay on SS until I can responsibly add food back in - within reason of course. If I'm at my goal and I still want to binge every 5 minutes than I'll have to look at alternate solutions.


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This is an interesting thread. I thought that you had to move up to 810 when you reached BMI 25, due to VLCD not being suitable for people in the healthy BMI range? I'll think I need to check with my CDC tomorrow, as I too would like to carry on with SS+ for longer.


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Hey hun

I moved up the plans when I was just under two stone away from my final weight and lost the remainder over a longer period of time. I found it really helpful as it allowed me time to adjust and learn about portion sizes and healthy eating but it does come down to personal preference and what works best for you.



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Funny seeing this post, I have just had an email off my CDC, she has been emailing me twice a day to see how i'm doing and she wrote at the end, that I should be looking at 12 weeks of SS and each time I go to see her (every two weeks) she will be reviewing my plan and talking things over. Not that I will change my ss to anything else, but it helps (as she explained) my head get in the right place. So in my mind im not restricitng myself to 'no eating for 6 months' as i think that would mean failure before I start, the defeatist in me would take over. So, as long as i know I can SS+ after 12 weeks if I wish then my mind is happy with that. So, one week at a time for me I think :) xx

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i'm hoping to reach my goal within 6-7weeks so maybe this just isn't really a concern for me as i know it's not going to be months and months of SS.

That maybe why i know i will ss until goal.


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I am on ss+ and plan on staying on it until I reach goal then I will move up the plans and if I lose a little bit more whilst working up the plans then that is a bonus. Good luck with your journey and do what feels right for you xx.


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im staying on SS+ till BMI reaches 25 (bout another stone) and then i will move up the plans. i will probably stick to 1000 plan till i get to my goal then go from there

also has been mentioned you can only SS or SS+ if BMI over 25 so when you get to that you have to move up


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Hi Ladies,

I think when you have a lot of weight to lose -- then SSing as long as you can is probably the best. It works so fast and is really motivational. (I am basing this on past experience.) I have about 1.5 stone to relose and plan to SS until it is off. My BMI will be under 25 for part of the time... but it isn't an exact science (it does not take muscle/fat ratio, bone structure, etc. in to account). Once I have reached goal -- then I plan to carefully move up in the plans. I doubt I'll lose loads more weight -- your losses slow as your weight drops as it takes significantly fewer calories to fuel your body. When I have a BMI of 23, I only need 1400 calories a day to maintain my weight (unless I add a lot of exercise). I have a fairly small frame.

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Heya, I'm planning to do about 12 weeks of SS (only because hopefully I should get to my goal in about 12 weeks). I have no intention of coming off until I get to goal... I have tried this before (coming off SS about a stone before goal) and I never reached goal.

I think it's down to individual choice but I think if you find something that works for you, stick with it. If you feel that you have to come off because you can't stick to it, then better that than quitting dieting altogether, but if you're finding it easy going, why not get to goal and then shift onto something else? - that's what I'm planning to do



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I Sole Sourced until about 9lbs away from my original goal (have lowered it since), then began to go up the plans. I'm doing 1500 at the moment to get off the Xmas goodies but I find that I'm looking at food differently and I'm glad I did go up all of the steps with a little left to lose. I think if I had SS'd until target, the temptation to crash back onto the full allowance of food might have been too much - I could almost see myself thinking "Oh well, you've reached your goal and therefore finished the 'diet' now" but as I still have few more pounds to go, I'm feeling my way through and determining what works for me
Hope this helps :)


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That's a good point - I feel I should say, my target on SS is BMI25, at that point I want to start working up the plans, as my ultimate goal is lower than that! I aim to lose about 7lbs+ on the higher plans.



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I have 2 goals - one set by the NHS (BMI under 30) and one set by me (stop whenever it feels right). I plan to SS+ until I reach the first goal then move up the plans to 1000 and stay there until I hit the second..wherever that may be.