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gone but i will not forget you

:tear_drop: i have decided that after 7 months of slimfast i need a faster way to get rid of my 3 stone i have got left to lose,so i have defected to sole source on the cambridge diet,i have lost 53lb on slimfast but it is getting me down loseing 2lb a week then nothing at the totm,so i leave you with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat,but i will pop in to see how you all are,and i will let you know how its going ,
p.s i will be thin by christmas if it kills me ha ha :cry:angie :tear_drop::cry:
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Bless you Angie, thats a fab loss on slim fast, very well done.

Welcome to CD x
yes josef is 8 st 11 now he lost 52lb in 7 months on chocolate slimfast only,no other flavour,the confidence he has now is incredible,i hardly see him now he has gone from a couch potato sitting with a cushion on his belly (to hide it) to a outgoing teenager with friends,i have 5 of them round everynight eating me out of house and home,i had to send them all to the outside picnic table in the garden last night as the all came in with kebabs and pizzas ahhhhhhhh,and it was my 1st day on cd,ss,but it so nice for josef to be one of the lads ,like he says i am not the fat kid anymore am i mam,and it brings a lump to my throat when i say no you are thin and georgous (but he has always been georgous to me ,mothers eh) day 2 ss on cd going ok am in my nighty ,laying on the bed with the laptop and the 2 dogs watching an old film, everyone is out and it is bliss,this dieting lark isnt that bad,but i cant move to far away from the toilet 4 pints of water is rushing through me like a tap ha ha speak soon angie x
Wow! You've done so well on SlimFast (the both of you) so congratulations on that, and best of luck on CD. From what I've heard from you before you've got great willpower, so keep it up on CD and you'll be grand.
thanks for the praise,i thought slimfast could get tough,but cc ss is hardcore,but i am on day 4 and have lost 5lb so the incentive is there to keep going,i was use to 2 shakes and 1 meal,but just adding 1 more shake is so hard,and going from 1000 cal a day to 400 was tough the first 2 days but now in ketosis and the world is grand,will pop in to speak soon i am not giving up on your losses like some who leave sf,you were all good to me through the 7 months so i want to finnish your diets with you and help you along as i have been through it bye for now and keep going girls angie x

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