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Gone off all the packs except

Choc shake, veg soup and the peanut bars (not a surprise though as this is the only one I liked in the first place) lol. This is going to get sooooo boring argh!!

Trying to e-mail my llc to change my order for next week but hotmail isn't co-operating grr.

Emma xXx
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On LT you get the choice of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla shakes and the only soup is chicken. It's very limited.
I don't like vanilla much so i'm down to 3 choices and you have 3 packs a day. So every day is the same.
I'm looking forward to some variety.
Roll on Friday........i will be a lighterlifer...............at last!!!
I only like the Choc and Strawberry packs...and going off the strawberry one :(

However, luckily I've discovered that I like all of the bars except the lemon one, though that is passable too (I've not tried the crunch cranberry one yet either) so at least I can vary my flavours each day with a different bar.

Mind you, I can think of far worse scenarios than drinking 3 or 4 "hot chocolates" a day to lose weight :D


Fighting Demons....
Hey Emma!

I think that we all go through this stage! I am currently happily living off mainly hot chocolate with the occassional peanut bar or strawberry shake or tomato shake thrown in for a change.

From what vaious people have told me (I have just stuck to chocolate, I don't even think about it anymore!), your tastes will change and it might me an idea in a few weeks time to try some of the packs you didn't like at the beginning again. You may find a whole new love for them.

Also, there is always the option to mix packs. A lady in my group swears by chicken and veg together (but she can't stand chicken on its own) another lady likes thai chilli and chicken, (but doesn't like either on their own.

And with the shakes, you can always add coffee to the vanilla or chocolate!

Hope you find a way to work with the packs that won't leave you bored!

B x
I agree there pete lol. I'm having a day tomorrow where I'm going to have all the packs I don't like to get them out the way lol will probably feel awful by the end but at least I won't have to think about it anymore.

Emma xXx
Think this happens to all of us at some point. A lady in my group gets 21 vanilla and 7 peanut bars

I LOVE hot choc and hot vanilla mixed together its my fav! I love the veg soup and peanut and cranberry bars. I seem to only like the things I can have hot.

Im agree living off hot choc to lose weight is great!!!
Haven't tried any of the shakes hot yet. Dreading tomorrow lol I'm gonna feel sooooo ill lol.


Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Have you tried mixing the drink flavourings with the packs?
I like vanilla & st clements, it tastes like an ice cream soda, the chocolate & fruits of the forest is like a blackforest gateaux.
I also enjoy a chocolate muffin & banana warmed up like custard - yummy


Guess who's back...?
Hi Cherry Plum- how do you make the chocolate muffin?? I have tried mixing with a bit of water and microwaving.... but it comes out as a rubbery tough bitter lump of mud (kind of thing) and I've had to bin it on both attempts!! Any advice on making the perfect muffin would be MUCHOS appreciated!! x


Fighting Demons....
I feel the need to tell you all that I discovered the Cranberry and Raspberry Bar last night. Having lived solely off Peanut Bars and Hot Chocolate for the last couple of weeks I felt the need for a change!! Cranberry Bar was yummy! If you haven't tried it, I insist you go and get some!

B x
I have gone off the veg soup now, hopefully can manage for the next 4 weeks with strawberry, vanilla, and cranberry bars. They are yummy..:)
I too LOVE the cranberry bars. At first I though oh im not sure but now they are my fav YUMMMMM
tried the cranberry for "lunch" today, mmmmmmm lovely!
reminds me of eating the strawberry (dont ask....) Country Crisp, think I might have to start having half a bar of it for breakfast! :)

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
I love the cranberry bar, I usually cut it up into really small pieces & it lasts me all day.

Anna, The chocolate muffin is a bit like you have described but if eaten with warm banana shake its a lot better.
I add very small amounts of hot water, until I get a thick consistency, the thicker the better, then microwave for 1 minute.
You could always try adding sweetener or fruits of the forest to give it a better flavour.

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