What do the packs/recipes remind you of,the best and ones you have gone off/like now?


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I thought I'd start this thread to help new people try and gauge what flavours they might like so put in here the good the bad and the ugly. Just remember everyone has different tastes and, for most, your tastes change as you progress on the diet. This is what the packs reminded me of:
vanilla shake =white chocolate thick milkshake
oatmeal(with added tablet sweeteners)=ready brek
Hazelnut shake=the inside of a ferrero rocher
Dark chololate+coconut bar= bounty bar
Raspberry/strawberry shakes= real fruit smoothies
Maple,fruits+almond bar=abit like juicy rasins covered in chocolate
milkchocolate+praline=abit like the soft bit of a mars bar
macaroni cheese=hot,salty cheesy socks :-(
cottage pie=carboard lol
my favourite is vanilla and oatmeal
what do you think?
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I will defo have to try the hazelnut shake I love ferrero rochers.....
But I think.... Mac cheese is like the cheese sauce you get on chilli cheese fries at American food places yum:)
The cottage pie is like corned beef hash (lovely) you need a bit of salt in it!
And the mushroom pasta is like a pasta bake (lovely with tuna in it)


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Hi ladies I'm only on day 1, very nearly 2 :) but I enjoyed the Cafe Latte Shake, extra spoon of coffee & heated (lush) was a little like costa.

Mild curry smells like curry pot noodle, so Jazzed it up with chilli flakes garlic etc, was relish over mushrooms & chicken breast!

From your recommendations I have to have the hazelnut tomorrow, looking forward to it! gxx


S: 18st8lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st4lb BMI: 31.3 Loss: 3st0lb(16.15%)
Good idea about the cafe latte I'm going to try it hot next time. I didn't really get on with it cold it had a funny after taste which was not good as it was the first pack I tried. Also banana does actually taste of banana milkshake, other vlcd diets with banana have a horrid tin type taste if that makes any sense not s&s banana=yummy. Also for those who try the tomato chilli and don't like it please try the chilli con carne it is lovely :)


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I started on Monday so far I've had...

Lemon yogurt bar- very very nice
Milk chocolate Truffa- ok
Chicken soup- yummy just like cup a soup but more creamy
Cottage pie- nice quite tasty
Crispy chocolate shake- by far my favourite at the mo, absolutely delicious
Chocolate shake- I had it warm, creamy just like hot chocolate
Tomato Chilli- absolutely disgusting I only struggled to eat half VILE!
Sweet Porridge with milk- manageable


Porridge = Wallpaper paste
Caramel shake as mouse with sweetener = Butterscotch Angel Delight
Spicy pasta = Spicy tomato Mug Shot