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gonna give food diary a go!

Hi all, I have recently started SW again (did it back in....2004) since then put it all back on, tried ww and others but am back to loose a stone for the summer.

Day one: Red

Bran flakes HXB
Milk HXA

Egg x 2
Wholemeal HXB
Ketchup - 2 syns


Chicken breast topped with homemade pesto - 5 syns
Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham - 1 syn
Greeen beans

Peanut butter m&m's - (according to the book 11.5!!!! raaaaa)

Total syns = 19.5
2 x HXB 1 x HXA

Exercise: 1 hour Spinning Class, 0.5 hour weights

Would appreciate any comments as trying to get back into it and there are Easter eggs everywhere :)
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Day 2


Wholemeal slice (800g) HXB
Baked Beans
Milk (Tea x 2) 1/2 HXA

Lemon Water

Risotto - broad beans, spinach, peas, garlic, onions
175ml of white wine (cooked off) total 6 but only eating half - 3 syns
Parmesan cheese 28g HXB

Pasta, cherry toms, garlic, passata with big salad. Cooking sausages for OH in the sauce so adding 2 syns for any sausage but not actually eating any of them.
White wine 3 syns

Total for day - 8 syns
2 x HXB 1/2 HXA
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Hi Carbs4ever!

Congrats on starting SW again - I did the same about 7/8 weeks ago, exactly same as you lost it all on SW before and gradually put it all back on! So I am now doing it solo at home. I started a food diary a few weeks back too and have been finding it really helpful.

Good luck and remember - slow and steady wins the race!! X
Thanks, i'll have a look at yours!

Official first weigh-in today on home scales 10st 5lbs. First Target is a stone then maybe a push to 9st.
Day three

Green - Bring on the carbs :)

2 weetabix - HXB
Skimmed Milk - HXA


Left over risotto from yesterday with extra spinach - 3 syns Parmesan - 1/2 HXA

Lasagne crisps to snack on through afternoon

Rice, kidney bean in chili sauce, peas, spinach

Fibre Plus bar HXB

Total Syns - 3 (that should have made up for Tuesday now)
2 x HXB 1.5 HXA

Exercise: 30 mins cardio, 30 mins weights/powerplate
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Day four


Tonight is Chinese meal out and drinks so extra good today and tomorrow to make up for it.

Wholemeal Roll HXB
Fried Egg (fry light)
Bacon no fat
Ketchup - 2 syns

Milk in tea/coffee HXA

Pineapple, Strawberries and Muller light

Fibre Plus Bar HXB

Ok so chinese plan went well, stuck to all the stirfried lean meets, chicken, beef and prawns, no batter no curry sauce. Also had two king prawns in breadcrumbs and one duck pancake so am counting 20 syns in total for food/sauces.

Then......the wine found me - the headache yesterday morning was justified after I worked out it was in total (over 6 hours) that I had 9 glasses of wine!!! 54 syns

Total Syns - 76!!!
2 x HXB 1 x HXA
Exercise: dancing
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Saturday - Green (thankgod)


Milk (tea/coffee) HXA

Wholemeal slice HXB
Baked Beans

Pasta N Sauce - 0.5 syns

Pasta, peppers, onions, chili, toms, garlic and salad
Parmesan chesse HXB

Good day :)
Total syns - 0.5
2 x HXB 1 x HXA
Sunday - Red Day


Weetabix x 2 HXB
Milk HXA

Lots of SF orange squash whilst baking and cleaning

Chicken fillet

Making brownies to take to family party today, its using up the easter eggs and I plan to taste a very small bite :)

Dinner is BBQ so having lots of meat, salad, fish and staying away from deserts and wine!

Hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday...

So - dinner went like this;

1 glass of sparkling wine - 6 syns
Chicken, lamb, salad, roasted peppers with feta HXA, cannellini bean dip HXB, Sausage - 2 syns

Total for the day 8 syns
2 x HXB 2 x HXA
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Monday - RED

Branflakes HXB and raspberries
Milk HXA

Wholemeal roll HXB
Egg and bacon
Ketchup - 2 syns

Chicken (tesco)

Steak, spinach, carrots, green beans, onions, feta cheese HXA

Treated myself to a bottle of coke zero today too (been trying not to have too much fizzy drink but its better than wine)

Total for the day !so far! 2 Syns
2 x HXA 2 x HXB

Exercise: Body Pump Class 1hr

Total for the week: 115! BAD but with Easter I suppose it could have been worse.

I will be making Wednesday my weigh-in day as I always do a class at the gym on Wednesday and there scales are more reliable than mine. So won't be weighing myself tomorrow.

Will see you all on Wednesday for day 1 of week 2 and first weight loss (i know an extra day is cheating but its only the first week ;-) I have also decided to pick a more positive Thread title so please come and visit me on... Slim4ever the SW Way
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