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Good Morning Day 9'ers and everyone else :D

Morning everyone!!

Still on a little high here after my WI yesterday!!

Have just had rank porridge with cinnamon again :eek:

I am now worried about eating the porridge as my CDC recommended that I dont have it for first two weeks but its due to go out of date in a week and i got it on the cheap so suppose I cant complain.

Has anyone else had porridge from day 1??

Prob wont be on much as I have physio at hospital today and they take forever (I had SPD when I was pregnant - my pelvis partially seperated and I am still suffering!! My DD2 is nearly 5 months and thats me just getting my referral appt now!! :mad:)

Saying that - my weight is probably not helping either!! :eek:

Sooooo anyway, hope you all have a fab easy day!!! xx
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Why Be Normal?
TS -- Good luck with the Physio. Re: the porridge -- are you in ketosis? I'm sure that is why you are asked to hold off on it.



Slimming down the aisle
I haven't heard anything about having to wait 2 weeks for the porridge, I had it from the start. Hmm I don't know!
I just seen my CDC this morning, day one for me tomorrow and she didn't say anything about not having porridge, only the bars.

I bought 3 packs of the Apple and cin to try out :).

Good luck with your physio today hun. I had SPD with my daughter and it stopped me working, was agony! I still get pain but nothing to complain about. I hope it eases soon xxx
It doesn't say anything in the book about waiting 2 weeks for the porridge hun, and I have never been told by any of my several CDC's that this is a Cambridge instruction.

Hopefully KD will be along to clarify

Awww thanks for all your replies!!!

Well this morning didnt go as planned!! Bloody Snow - Wish it would pee off!!!

I dropped DD1 at school which was just the worst car journey ever!!! Proceeded to make my way to hospital and the main roads were gridlocked so I turned round to come home, got stuck in traffic with the baby for 30 mins so ditched the car near a friends ant 9.30am and went to her for coffee!!

Im just home now that the traffice has eased so I never made my hosp appt grrrrr!!

Anyway, day 9 going great so far just having my soup for lunch!!

:D:D xx


Why Be Normal?
Dear TS -- How dreadful. You wait five months for an appointment then the weather messes you up. I'm glad you got home safe and had somewhere to wait out the gridlock.

I have been having the porridge from day 1 too and if you take a look at my 1st weigh ins you will see it didnt affect them in any way

Also had the bars too from day 1
I've never tried the porridge, will have to give it a go one day. Well I'm still plodding on, still not been weighed but am hoping to do so soon, I have got enough packs not to go to see my cdc until Monday but if I do that then I'll have to drink the broccoli soups and I'm not sure I want to do that again :)

Sorry to hear you had such a mad day Truffle - such a shame about your appointment though after having waited so long, really hope you get a new appointment soon.

The estate that I live on is really just like an ice skating rink now, cars are sliding everywhere, I was so scared coming home and then I lost it and did a spin in the road - was awful....... if it's like this tomorrow then I'm definitely not going to work, the car can stay where it is!
Thanks everyone!! Katie OMG how scary!!!! I bloody hate driving in the snow :(

I have had an OK day but I am truly starving at the moment :( My belly is rumbling soooo much, I think its because I had my 3rd pack really early today.

Plus ive not drunk all of my water yet!! No doubt i will be up and down piddling all night lol xxx
Oh yes the joys of burning calories running to the loo all night - don't you just love it :)

I'm just on my last shake now, a nice hot toffee & walnut one - will follow this with a pint of flavoured water and then that's my lot, bed time for me.

The good thing about only getting hungry late at night is that you can always turn your back on it and go to bed :)

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